Deep in the bowels of Old Cabell Hall there's a little lab full of cutting-edge multimedia equipment on which faculty composers, grad students, and a few confused undergrads tinker to produce mind-bending avant-garde audio artwork. TechnoSonics is the annual flagship show where they share the fruits of the preceding year; last year they moved the party off-campus in order to get Charlottesville at large more involved and ended up with a great turnout.

This year's theme is Play – professor Matthew Burtner's piece revolves around squeaky toys, for example, and another is played entirely by robots. Highly recommended; most towns don't get anything anywhere near as outlandish as this, and even for us it only happens once a year.


Did the police see him actually write the message or did they review the tape from the camera that is specifically there to record what is written on the wall?

It does certainly look like a threat.So the police concern is not unjustified.
But he was not arrested, only sent to Region 10. Why? Contrast with the way the bomb plot kids where the situation was much less clear. They were charged with crimes and kept in jail for months. What is wrong with this picture!!!
If he made what was believed to be a criminal threat, then he should have been arrested! Why was he handled with kid gloves and those poor kids treated like Charles Manson?

If this isn't a threat, and this guy is half as articulate as he seems to fancy himself, then why the mention of guns and murder? Can you not make your case against abortion without expressing murderous intent? Had I been someone who works at that clinic and had I walked by and read what was written there, I would fear for my life!
I do, though, meagerly commend him for tacking his name to such an attrocious diatribe. At least he didn't leave us to wonder from whence the attack will come.

Giuliano is just being a good little demented Evangelical. Following those righteous instructions from Moses to go boldly forth with the Bible in one hand and an AK in the other. Ahhh, Christianity...that fightin' religion! Oh, and could you please send $100?

As critical as I am about this seemingly unlimited and newfangled breed of Rambo rookie signing on at the local police departments.... I think they were justified in this case.

Case closed.

Cletus, I sure am glad to see somebody else question the direction our police department is headed in.

But what can we expect when an off duty police officer leads his own department on a high speed pursuit in his personal vehicle? He might have gotten away if he had any driving skills and hadn't crashed into a guardrail at 5th Street and I-64. This same officer now being a supervisor and a role model for the new rookies coming aboard? What type of administration keeps somebody like this on the payroll for 2 1/2 decades?

The post 9/11 world is one that a lot of folks still haven't gotten used to. Read your law books and legal codes instead of merely blathering. Free speech ends when it threatens others. If someone were to cut loose with a firearm on the downtown mall the naive white liberals with guilty consciences that currently run this town would be the first to try and ban all firearms and people with conservative thoughts instead of wailing about freedom of speech. This moronic profanity ridden wall needs to vanish along with ART IN PLACE and the transplanted New England zanies in city hall that push this madness.

The post 9/11 world is one that a lot of folks still haven't gotten used to. Read your law books and legal codes instead of merely blathering. Free speech ends when it threatens others. If someone were to cut loose with a firearm on the downtown mall the naive white liberals with guilty consciences that currently run this town would be the first to try and ban all firearms and people with conservative thoughts instead of wailing about freedom of speech. This moronic profanity ridden wall needs to vanish along with ART IN PLACE and the transplanted New England zanies in city hall that push this madness.

Jim, I agree with you there. ART IN PLACE is a major distraction to motorists. I have seen the art almost cause more than one crash when people slam on their brakes to take a look. Especialy in a 45 mph speed zone like on Route 250 where the new Whale Tail is located. Whoever approved this three ring circus needs to have their head(s) examined.

Is this discussion about freedom of speech or "Rambo rookie" cops or Art in Place? Steve seems to find every opportunity to go down the garden path.

BTW, does "have their head(s) examined" mean go to a therapist?

I look for every opportunity to comment on whatever is being discussed. This news clip is about an alleged bad boy and what the cops did. I even gave the cops credit for doing the right thing...... for a change. I will try not to do this very often if it upsets you.

What I am really waiting for is an opportunity to discuss some recent sexual harassment in the city. You might even be interested in this caper. It's been pretty well hushed up. Like when a male city employee tells a female city employee she only landed a certain job description because she "got knocked up" and couldn't do what whe she was previously assigned to. I was actually expecting a lawsuit to surface over this sexual harassment. But I think the city discovered a way to smooth this over and make sure this lawsuit wouldn't be necessary. Your tax money at work, Karen. The 1960s era "barefoot in the kitchen" motor mouth who committed this sexual harassment should be sent to see a "therapist". And of course this is not an insult, I think most people would agree it's a fact. What do you think? Since we're now discussing therapists and all.

Jim, which naive white liberals are crying freedom of speech in Giuliano's case? None that I've heard of; everyone (except Guiliano) seems to feel police action was justified in this case.

Jim = hates liberals = creates strawmen.

And how is getting rid of the Wall going to help matters? Thanks to the wall, we now know more about Giuliano and his thoughts about the Planned Parenthood clinic. Seems like it was good that he revealed himself in this venue. Thank you, Free Speech Wall!

This is a great role for the slate chalk board! It's a way to catch murderous lunatics before they actually hurt someone. As far as it being a monument though, it's just a monument to juvenile graffiti. It may be fun and amusing but it's a lousy monument to Free Speech. It doesn't honor what Free Speech really means in this country or what it has meant to the history of this country. Oh yeah, it's also ugly, but then so is everything else at that end of the Mall.


We just got slapped with a huge real estate tax assessment.

And cops, paid by those taxes, are standing around reading messages on the free expression wall.

Dammit, go write a parking ticket; generate some revenue to ease the real estate tax burden!

Mr. Giuliano should applaud the police for doing what he did: acting on their assessment of what was written.

Mr. Giuliano chose to assess the bible as a book of hatred that condones killing other people, in spite of its' many references to love and compassion and kindness and tolerancs and understanding and should I go on here?...

He could have chosen to read the bible as a book encouraging us to get along - there are plenty of references - indeed "commands" - regarding loving your neighbor and getting along and "what you have done to the least of my brethren so you have done to me..."

It's fine, that's the beauty of written words - the reader can interpret them however, and Mr. G sure feels entitled to act on his interpretation.

He therefore should be able to see why the police took him in. They chose to read his message as a threat to the safety of others.

In a country where we are not only free to express, but also free to interpret, he should commend the police for doing as he has done - acting upon their interpretation of the writing.

To the credit of the police, they were interpreting something written "today" and taking action within the pertinent context of today's "real world".

Mr. Giuliano chose to interpret a document several thousand years old in a manner that is equally several thousand years old and then some. I wonder if he has ever had a thought of his own about these matters... It's sad to see that religion still creates people like Mr. G who feel they are stupid and incompetent and unworthy and unable to think for themselves. This is what you get. People who can't recognize that a 2,000 year old reading of a 2,000 year old message is not working in today's world.

So instead of finding fault with the age of the message, the age of the interpretation, the book itself, or their particular prejudices - they find fault where their angry hateful leaders tell them to find fault - in other human beings.

The police know the author and can be sure he wrote it and that he said exactly what he said.

Mr. Giuliano likely does not know Moses, nor was he around when Moses spoke. (If he tried to maintain that he does know Moses, he should have gone to Region 10, and likely should be there still...)

Mr. Giuliano might try updating his view to the NEW testament, which has lots of that lovey stuff in it - and honestly where does Jesus ever say to kill people?

Uhhhh - Jesus brought you the new gospel because you misunderstood the old one, Mr. Giuliano. The new gospel is "god does not want you killing anyone" - "we are ALL god's children" - "love your neighbor" - and the biggie Mr G.... "life is eternal". There's no need to prove yourself worthy, no angry god to please - its not about "how many deaths to I have to cause to please god?" -

Oh hey Mr G, I just checked the e-mail box and this came for you:

Dear Mr. Giuliano,

You were not born in sin. No one was. You are a child of god. Quit thinking that it is okay to end another soul's journey. Quit thinking you are god. In fact, quit thinking and feel. Feel god everywhere, not just where you choose.

Try choosing a life, not a life situation. Stop killing with YOUR hands and blaming what others say is MY word.

You are free to do whatever you choose. If you choose to be a killer, or full of hatred and threats, go ahead, but please stop saying I told you to do it thru some dead guy that you have never met or heard speak.

You're all going to feel really idiotic when you destroy your paradise, kill your earthly selves, then wake up next to me and look around and realize you had it all wrong, now aren't you?

It has taken your race billions of what you call years to evolve yourselves and your planet to this point. Why are you killing each other and destroying the spot in the universe which YOU have created for the purpose of your soul's evolution?

Again, it's okay, but please stop calling it MY plan. My plan is love.

My plan is to let you do whatever you want, to experience whatever YOU choose, and to love you always. Before, during, and after. If you choose to abort a child, so be it. If you choose to kill with an AK47, so be it. If you choose to love, so be it.

And if you choose to be your own authority, and feel truth from within, you WILL find me on your own and not need 2,000 year old words and ideas. I am right inside you Mr. G.

Check your heart.

I Love You,



What a wacky town this is. Next thing you know we'll have the KKK in Gordonsville....

Think I better go part Lake Anna...

Don't worry, KB! The city has already handled the manner in which they are going to screw taxpayers with the parking tickets. The local ordinances were changed, and they can tow cars at 3 tickets now I believe (instead of five in the past?). They had to figure out how to help pay for all the "take home" cars they are phasing in for all the police officers. I'm still wondering how far past the city limits they can take these ne take home cars. Albemarle County extended their distance to 15 miles outside their own county. Your tax money at work! And parking ticket money at work too! :)

You won't catch me shopping or parking anywhere close to downtown. I refuse to support their spending practices of late.

Steve, I think I figured it out. Your life long dream was to be a cop but nobody would hire you. That is the only explanation for your serious problems with law enforcement, fire & rescue, the cars they drive, where they drive them, etc.

You really should consider moving somewhere else. We have a great quality of life here - you just don't seem to get it.

Stay in Charlottesville and whine about the cops all you want. If you like whining then go for it, but it's not going to make even one teensy weensy itty bitty difference (I should know!)except for pissing off Karen. Go ahead and stay away from the Mall too, because that also won't matter. The Mall is going to do just fine without you. In fact there are already enough grumpy people down there so PLEASE don't go down there.

Speaking of grumpy people on the Mall and other places in Charlottesville I would like to get something off my chest.


Why are black people so much friendlier than white people on a one on one level on the street in Charlottesville? I think that most black people are a whole lot friendlier than most white people. I'm white and when a black man I don't know and I approach each other on the street in Charlottesville there is almost always eye contact and a shared greeting. When I approach a white man I don't know he almost always either looks right through me or down at his feet or suddenly the wall of a nearby building becomes very interesting. Why is this? What are white men so afraid of and why aren't black men angrier? I think that people who want a peaceful, harmonious community would recognize that peace and harmony begin with respect and friendliness at the most basic level of interaction.

There. I'm done. I feel much better now.

Is that the best you have, Karen? You could used the old cripple in a wheelchair sitting in front of a computer all day with no life.

While I don't go around posting my entire life in public discussion forums, trust me... you have no idea how wrong you are. And in case you haven't noticed, police departments are having to hire just about anybody who comes along with two eyes and ten fingers lately. You should read some of the reports these people turn in to their supervisors.

Now, let me guess? Your boyfriend or husband is a cop or fireman? Are you one of those who rides to work with their significant other every morning so as to save gas?

If you don't care about waste in spending, just keep paying your taxes with a smile. If you're like some senior citizens in this city, your monthly real estate tax is now higher than the last monthly mortgage payment you paid. And it could easily be forcing you out of the home you have lived in for 40 years. (This too is not my case, but feel free to claim you know it all).
~YOU~ just don't seem to get it. Any better than city hall does.

Kevin, where do you see me whining about cops? I am speaking more of policy and the decision makers. I don't even know "Karen", but something sure pissed her off. Her resorting to insults was a major clue of this.

And I am at a total loss as to exactly how race became a factor in this discussion. I'm white too, if this is some kind of badge of honor. I haven't had trouble finding friendly white or black people on the street in Charlottesville.

I do wish you luck in getting all the grumpy people off the mall though. Maybe their reading about themselves here will be all it takes.

By the way, do you have any idea how much overtime is paid out to off-duty city police officers doing security on the Mall? It must not be a very safe place after dark?

Steve S - Why did you lose your job in law enforcement? By the way, love the Excursion.

Still batting zero I see, Karen. What kind of childish insults are those? Now I'm an ex-cop and going on a trip? Where did I go? Down to the wall to scribble a few things in chalk? To the nut ward for threatening people? Before this topic disappears with this week's edition coming out you will claim I am "John Giuliano".

Ooops - I meant Expedition.
Not an ex-cop - but ex-law enforcement.

And, this topic won't disappear when the new issue comes out - none of them do. They are in the archives section. That is why it so easy to read all your various rants.

An excursion and expedition are the same thing. Look 'em up in the dictionary. In the meantime, where am I going?

Isn't an ex-cop and ex-law enforcement the same thing too?

Let's play your game though. Maybe I am a former Lt. who was pushed out the door (early retirement) for not taking corrective action when a major problem came to my attention? The subordinate is still employed, but I get pushed out the door? This doesn't sound very fair to me. Does it to you?

When this week's edition comes out, have fun going to the archives to respond to old topics. I don't have the time.

Your online impersonation didn't bring a lot of responses (actually none). Maybe because you aren't worth responding to and the story that you think is so big isn't really big after all. Get a life.