RE III to close an office

In another sign of the financial turmoil, the biggest area realty firm, Real Estate III, has decided to do some office consolidation, an ardent property blogger reports.


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I think the problem is the BAR and Planning Department.

Years ago, the old buildings on the downtown mall and majestic neighborhoods like Park St and Locust Ave were built. Without meetings, commitees, discussion about signs, blah blah blah. Through the current process we risk dilution of creativity on behalf of the developer. The result, we're creating an era lacking in identity.

We could eliminate a huge line item from the budget by sending all the Neighborhood Development Services people out on the street where they would be forced to find employment in the private sector.

So what if they build tall buildings, that would be the fingerprint of this era.

This is a cancer that is spreading. It has appeared in the great bypass debate. We are in the bitch and moan era. Discussion takes longer than actual construction on most projects.

I think we forget that developers work for a profit. Developers won't build something that won't sell. Intervention and dilution are obstructionist.

Our legacy: bitch and moan, obstruct, and get stuck in traffic. And talk about it.