With no light in sight, tasting is believing

Fellini’s #9 is offering an unique opportunity for guests to test their palates and enjoy a 6 course wine-paired dinner tomorrow–by eating in the dark.  For a modest $65 (or $125 for a twosome), diners will meet around the bar for their first glass of wine.  They’ll then be led upstairs and sat in darkness.  After each course, the host will reveal the foods’ identities.

Jacie Dunkle of Fellini’s #9 says inspiration came from Dans le Noir, a restaurant in Paris, London, and Moscow.  Short of a flight across the Atlantic, gastronomes in Charlottesville have tomorrow to enjoy it, and it will prove to be an intensely flavorful–if not a bit spooky–experience.  “Something about not knowing and not seeing it before makes the experience more intense–everyone can taste the food better,” she reports.

This is Fellini’s second blind tasting dinner, and they held their first close to Halloween last year, too.  Dinner in an historic building, no lights, no sight?  Sounds deliciously devilish.

Space is limited, and there are several seats still available.  To make a reservation, contact Jacie at fellinis9@yahoo.com or call (434) 979-4279.