McCain's mom coming to town

With Election Day one week away, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is doing everything he can to rally the troops for a victory in the presidential race, including sending his 96-year-old mother to Charlottesville. That's right, the McCain campaign announced today that Roberta McCain will make a stop at the GOP headquarters in the Albemarle Square shopping center tomorrow at 6pm as part of her "Victory and Volunteer Appreciation Tour" across the Commonwealth.


She's proof that Senator McCain comes from strong genes. More power to them!

Cause only the good die young!

Maybe she can explain why her late husband the Admiral pulled all those strings to (a) get McCain into the Naval Academy, (b) keep him in the Naval Academy, and (c) let him retain his flight status despite a couple of well-documented crashes in training that would have washed out anybody else.

Interesting, isn't it, that Obama worked for everything he has, McCain was given everything he has, and McCain calls Obama the elite?

"......that Obama worked for everything he has,.."

Oh, is that what he is telling you?


I usually refuse to participate in political discussions, but I sure will be glad when this three ring circus of an election is over. Those supporters expecting miracles from Obama are going to be sorely disappointed. And the same certainly holds true for the McCain supporters. Only 6 more days of 500 McCain and Obama commercials on TV every day.