C'ville Arts: Jan Crowther's "Form Plus Function"

Stoneware vessel by Jan Crowther.

C'ville Arts presents "Form Plus Function," an exhibition of functional pottery by Jan Crowther, whose work features Asian and nature-inspired motifs. A First Friday opening is scheduled for November 7, 6-9pm. 118 E. Main St. on the Downtown Mall. 972-9500.


There is a lot wrong with this article.

First, "80 percent gymnastics" is way off. Many gymnastics techniques simply do not apply to parkour. In fact, they can actually hurt you on hard surfaces such as concrete.

Second, parkour has little to do with "learning how to flow over objects in your path." Flow is not that important. Parkour is concerned with fast efficient movement, and flow is just a byproduct practice.

Third, Casino Royale features Sebastien Foucan who is not the founder of parkour. David Belle (the founder) is not in that movie! One is black and one is white so I'm not sure how you mixed those two up.

Finally, I liked what you said about safety. Seigler, you need to find some people in your area who have been doing this for years so they can teach you about it. Good Luck.

ANGRY YOUTH! You rule man. This article is awesome.

Well done, Justin! Sweet article; you'll have to show me your moves some time. :)

This article is so amazing, i just can't stop reading it

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This article has me in tearrs it is just so wonderful...I can't stop crying right now. No really...

I really don't know who this guy is!! But from a free runner stand point, you r dead wrong there are no leaders and no packs. We are not wolves. The only limits are the ones you mind or body physically cannot do. As post previously by "Chris Levesque, you don't know a lot about Parkour." I live to free run and I your going to post an article about the sport get your facts right. This is an embarracement!!! Rule 1. Check your Landing zone. The gymnastic part overated, you don't need to know how to flip and do special things in parkour that's just icing on the cake. It's all about endurance, speed and the capability to let go and just move!!!!
PK for Life!!!!

Guys, I agree that Parkour isn't 80% gymnastics... I don't know where she got that. Plus about it being Belle that was in the Bond movie isn't right, that wasn't me either. I agree that there's not a leader/pack thing going on when we're going on a run.

I definitely would love to find anyone else that is interested in Parkour in or around C'ville that I could get with to learn something with. If anyone knows anyone I'd appreciate letting me know.