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Tim Taunton, "War Child."

Migration: A Gallery presents intriguing new paintings by Tim Taunton in its November exhibition, "Through the Looking Glass."  A First Friday opening is slated for November 7, 5:30-8pm. 119 5th St. SE. 293-2200.


I know Tommy personally and this whole thing is such a beat-up. I suppose there will be some who will believe the trash said about him, but those who really know him see this garbage for what it is. It would be funny if it wasn't so tremendously hurtful. Even the photo byline about Russell Crowe is misleading. Those who really know Tommy know why the picture is there in the photo. This kind of fiction should be illegal and it unnecesessarily hurtful.

Tommy Garrett is such a fake. He wants so badly to be important that he really thinks he is already. He is living in Buckingham County with his father with maybe a few pet chickens that give enough eggs for the household.I have known him for many years--through the court case with Mr. Colbert. Hardly the lifestyle of someone that runs with the "STARS". You go figure.

"this reporter received an anonymous voice message"

This is what passes for "objective" journalism? Really? I'd call the legal conflict news. I'd call the rest of this article libelous. I hadn't even heard of this guy until I read this article, but it really seems like gathering of the "I Hate Tommy Garrett Club" and their criticisms.

This article references an article in the Daily Progress, but doesn't add to any of the content of that article. Instead it suggests that his career is invalid because of the picture in the Progress and someone's opinion of who his publicity business represents. I think that is very misleading.

This kind of writing makes me not want to read your paper.

lived in Buckingham for several years and I know that Mr. Kimbell has been committed by mental health services in the area on at least one occasion. And as for Mr. Colbert, funny he's still stuck in the past, saying such things about Tommy Garrett and yet Tommy Garrett says nothing about him. We see who has the class now. As for Mr. Kimbell saying that Tommy Garrett went in his mail, that's strange, when it was common knowledge in the area that the two were living together for years. Seems odd to me to hear that he's so interested in stealing and you making fun of his career, when he's more successful than the writer at The Hook and all the "We Hate Tommy Fan Club Members", as the previous writer says. I do agree with Mr. Colbert in one thing. I do fully expect Tommy Garrett will sue him again and others when the truth comes out. The fact that Mr. Kimbell's grandmother is buried in his front yard and his illness was not brought up in the article. Nor was it mentioned that all of a sudden Mr. Kimbell and Mr. Colbert seem to be friends, when Mr. Colbert was not in charge of burying Mr. Kimbell's grandmother who died a few years back. I think when the truth is out and it will eventually be out, that The Hook and the players in this will be seen for what they are to all of us in the community. Just because you hear a rumor doesn't make it true. I'm patient and old enough to wait it out and watch it fall out. We heard the same accusations about Mr. Garrett from Mr. Colbert before. How many wives is he up to now? Six, I hear! Sad. He still has it bad for Tommy Garrett in more ways than one.

I happened upon this article, and I must say, not knowing any of the people involved, the article was written in a very derogatory way, so slanted against Mr. Garrett, and because I have been in a simplier sitituation many years ago, I feel this article is some nut case out to destory Mr. Garrett, with no evidence. Why would you print this type of garbage? This whole article should not have appeared in print period! And it was very unprofessionally done. I would be ashamed if I owned this newspaper or I was the writer of this article.

This is the most bizarre article I think I have ever read. The whole article is meant to make Tommy a bad person. I am very close to Tommy, and know him very well, and none of this is true. And the stupid remark "This is a man who has sent out press releases about his appearance on the cover of a mysterious Senior Magazine", well I was publisher of Senior Magazine, there was such a magazine and Tommy Garrett, did us the honor of appearing on the cover of our first issue! This must not be a very classy newspaper to allow this type of article to even run! Julia

According to the Urban Dictionary (http://www.urbandictionary.com/), a "sock puppet" is:

1: A fake personality, usually a 'friend' created by a drama queen/king for the sake of defending himself against others in an online forum.

2: Someone who might be an actual person but behaves like the above, defending someone who really deserves no defense.

Thankyou WK for your truly brilliant contribution. Now that we know you're the kind of person who frequents urbandictionary.com, I don't think we need to take anything else you say very seriously at all. I know Tommy. You obviously don't.

I just bet you let ALL the little wannabe journalists on the net guide your thoughts, even when their so-called facts have been pulled out of their backsides. This reporter screwed up - but what do you care? You were probably just trolling anyway. You may go back to your urbandictionary now to learn more silly words to impress your friends.

WK, I do not know who your "quote" from the Urban Dictionary was pointed toward, but if it was in deed to me, I am a real person, and no one, including myself needs to defend Tommy against a bunch of garbage. Perhaps you should go to your Urban Dictionary and look up liars, and fakes, I am sure that would give you a better in sight behind this article. Julia

I’ve read and re-read this story and quite frankly it just doesn’t make sense. I even went and found a 2/15/07 copy of The Daily Progress to read the article to which this one refers in hopes of grasping the point to this story The truth is that there just is no point to this story except to malign and cast a negative light on Tommy Garrett.
The article in The Daily Progress is about a recent television appearance Mr. Garrett made. Why, as this reporter suggests, would it make reference to a pending court appearance or previous court appearances? It was about a TV show!
Mysterious is not an accurate adjective for Senior Magazine. It’s a valid publication and this reporter could have easily located it on a google search or seen it on Mr. Garrett's website. What’s mysterious about that?
It is a ridiculous analogy to try to compare sending out press releases telling people about an appearance at a public event vs. sending out a press release telling people about a court appearance. Does ANYONE publicize such things?
Nothing in Mr. Maurer’s article in The Daily Progress states or insinuates that Mr. Garrett represents every person whose photo is framed and hanging on his walls. How does this reporter know Russell Crowe isn’t a client? What is Mr. Colbert’s logic in asking why Mr. Garrett has client photos in his home if he has three offices? Can’t people have photos displayed at home as well as in the office?
This entire article is full of meaningless insinuations and half truths that prove nothing and make no real point at all except to portray Mr. Garrett in a negative way.
The information about a thirteen year old lawsuit Mr. Garrett brought against Mr. Colbert is confusing and doesn’t seem to have any relevance to anything. It is just another attempt to further defame Mr. Garrett’s character.
I predict the next headlines you will read about Mr. Garrett will be when he files suit against The Hook for libel and defamation of character.

It is interesting to see the amount of interest that has been shown in this article. I had the unfortunate opportunity to work with Tommy Garrett when I produced "Somewhere in Time". I did not find anything in the article that was untrue. I think that if Mr. Garrett is so interested in being a publicity hound, and in parading his exploits for all of us to savor, he should take the good with the bad. Certainly other celebrities wish that all their press is good press. In his line of work, the most important thing is that they spell his name right.

Dear Hook people: I'll bill myself here as the "mystery writer for Senior Magazine," and I'm very proud of my work for that publication. Regarding your odorous, libelous article on Tommy Garrett--- Is there some question as to the validity of Mr. Tommy Garrett's cover photo? What???? Unless he has a clone who sneaked into the photographer's studio when no one was looking, I suggest that you pull that question away.
Oh and yes, three of Mr. Garrett's famous clients are actually dead. Death happens, or had you not noticed?? But before they died, they depended on him. They were John Agar, Virginia Mayo (both enormously famous movie stars from the 1930s and up) and Jim Dougherty who was Marilyn Monroe's first husband. They held Mr. Garrett in very high esteem and depended on his expertise and intelligence, and oh yes, his unwavering, innate kindness to them. Do you actually sell issues of your---whatever it's called?? Hard to believe.
Mystery Writer for Senior Magazine

AOL now o

Oh Mr. DB. Are you the one who did the awful technical work on "Somewhere in Time"? You mean you actually want to claim ownership of that piece of TV dreck? As a member of the TV community, if I were you I wouldn't. The entire show was all PINK---didn't you notice? And that sound--had you bothered to mike Mr. Garrett with a lav? Or was it all recorded IN THE CAMERA?? The background---boring--the sound like broken pieces of tin, and make-up? His head was a big glowing spotlight. Personally I'm delighted that he moved on. Are you really in that business? I would hope that Mr. Garrett would find someone for his next shows who's attended film and/or TV schools.
Oh, are you the same one that Charlottesville Dept. of Social Services has investigated twice ? Well, hopefully you found another job but do take a few courses. "Somewhere In Time" was not well produced at all, not at all. I'd scratch that from my resume. And one more thing---I have no wish to get into a duel with you so won't respond to anything you send back.
Frank J.

I was not surprised to see that press-hungry undertaker back in the news. This time he's saying how the man who sued him loves attention. Really! It seems that here he goes injecting himself into yet another scandal. The undertaker seems to love being in the middle of scandals. We all remember that Colbert was fined by the State Board of Funeral Directors for his 'false and misleading' advertising practices in relation to Charlottesville's Riverview Cemetery. Indeed, he well loves attention and The Hook should give it to him, do their job for once, and try doing their research about their sources before they go libeling or slandering others. I'm sure The Hook and Colbert will be seeing legal documents very soon. This may not be new for The Hook, but Colbert is always involved in one scandal or another; sex, homosexuality, paying child support, and oh yes, we all remember his own son being quoted in the respected Daily Progress that his father called blacks "niggers." Yes, we all remember him well. Miss Province must not have done her research or she'd have known about him and would have had the good sense to never put her boss, The Hook, out on a legal limb that is now about to fall to the ground. Good luck with that man who sues you. We'll be watching!

Paul H.

To the Editer: I just read that thng you did on Mr. Garrett. I have worked for that guy on and off for years and tell me who are you talkin about enyway? That writor, is she uninformed or something? I'm a black man and was very proud to know that Mr. G. (whose also black you know) was the only black dude who had his own TV show in white white white TV in Charlottesville. Did you ever watch it? OK, technicly it wasn't so good but he was just starting out but he had great Amrican stsars on that show and it was pretty obvous to me that they loved him and even thow technicly it wasn't great Mr. G. was great IN IT!! Mr. G. has stars all over the world loving him. I've been there when they call or rite to him. Why did that woman say all those lies about him? Did you actlly PAY her for that thing? BJL

Amazingly Mr. Colbert seems to say that Tommy Garrett stole from him. Yet wasn't his Insurance License suspended by the State Corporation Commission for embezzlement? Yes, this was Lisa Province's star source in her derogatory story about Mr. Garrett. From what I remember an "old person" as Mr. Colbert calls them - read the article, prepaid for her funeral and when the lady left, he put the money instead into an insurance annuity which is State Law, he put it in his account and used it for his home he was building at the time. Years later it was reported by Mr. Garrett what he had done. So it's funny to hear he says Garrett stole from him again. Amazing. Well, The Hook should check and see the status of Mr. Colbert's state of Virginia Insurance License since it was suspended in 1995. Ms. Province is stuck in the 90's so why isn't this being written about in this so called "paper"?
Mary B.

"Mr. Kimbell's a pillar of society"? Right. I can see why Miss Province was convinced by his story. Maybe he's gotten better since shooting a neighbor's dog and being put in UVA Psych Ward --- or was it Martha Jefferson? Oh, that's right, I forgot. It was both. We'll have to see how these charges stick. It wasn't long ago he filed charges against two ladies for calling his home. Those charges were dismissed. Then there was the arrest of an elderly man he used to refer to as his "father" in the community. This man's charges of theft were also dismissed. And I am sure we all in Buckingham know about all the other countless charges he's filed and warrants issued. That's his M.O. Stay tuned, maybe he's actually convinced himself it's all true. Paranoia you know, is contagious if not hereditary."

The negative comments about Mr. Garrett from that DB guy? Isn't he the one who's connected somehow with a certain Tiffany? No, I don't mean the jewelry store. Anon.

Dear sock puppet: Relax. Take a deep breath, little buddy. Exhale slowly.... Feel better now? Love, SB

I have worked on several projects involving Garrett and others who posted. In my opinion the article is accurate. Sorry.

"I thought Somewhere In Time" was Mr. Garrett's only local project. That's odd you worked with him on several projects? Wow ! .. Well, what grade are you in ? I heard Mr. Garrett was mortified by the teenage students at Monticello High School who all were part of the production team. Underage workers? I think you had better make sure you are old enough to post. And good luck in your life. Maybe if you get one, you can achieve something and not be stuck trying to hold on to Mr. Garrett like so many are. He's moved on, if others would do the same they may make it. But then again, what I saw of that show, the sound so bad, lighting was hideous and all the bad editing, I can understand why you are still thinking about that. Grow up! And don't let grown men tell you what to do. When you are mature, you will understand one day. "

Whoa baby! Kathy I am a grown-up, thank you. I was merely addressing the merits of the article pertaining to Garrett's criminal behavior. It was correct.

Whoa baby? well that certainly shows your age or at least your mentality, doesn't it?

There is no prove of any of these accusations regarding "Garrett's criminal behavior. And as far as I know, criminal behavior is dealt with in our court systems, not a throw away newspaper.

Oh and by the way LZ, please let the readers know which so called projects you worked with Tommy on?

LZ, you may be grown up but you still need to work on your cognitive skills. Even with some of the extra insight afforded us here in the comments section, there are still those just unwilling to see this article for what it is. I'm not going to break this article down piece by piece but you simply cannot deny there are inaccuracies mixed with innuendo. One blatant example is her denial of the existence of Senior Magazine. Another is the suggestion that Tommy was pretending to have Russell Crowe as a client and that his plans to open new offices are a fantasy. I have no idea what Ms Provence's agenda is to cause her to write such a biased article against Tommy but it's done, she didn't do her homework, and I expect she will now pay the price for it.
So you say you worked with Tommy on several projects... you failed to mention the real reason for your grudge. There's always two sides to every story and Tommy remembers EVERYONE he's worked with.

Wasn't it terrible watching that old white horse starve to death on Kimbell's place? What ever happened to it? Maybe the humane society was scared to go there. There is a grave in the front yard you know. The house is dilapidated and falling down and overgrown and well, looks like the Bates Motel. It's a shame someone in the system won't do anything about the mentally ill among us. Sad. It was the Rescue Squad volunteers he arrested for calling his house, I think? And that poor old man who tried to help him for years, the chimney guy? Well, Kimbell had him arrested too. Poor man had to endure that. But at the end, that case was dismissed too. Remember the others ? It's very sad. The man needs help. He should not be ridiculed. But it's very hard to take a serial accuser seriously.

I believe the article is accurately portraying the complex personality of Tommy Garrett. I have never worked with him, but have met him and the wake of destruction he has left behind.
I have also had the opportunity to meet and get to know David Kimbell, and though I know of the dispute between them, David has chosen never to speak to me about it. I think that proves a level of integrity which Garrett can only dream of.
Though I digress, I reiterate that the article appears more then fair, and Garrett will have his day in court to prove otherwise.

C'mon! A wave of DESTRUCTION? Mr. Garrett is a still just a guy, not a tornado! From what I've learned about Mr. Garrett, he is considered successful through his own hard work and willingness to help people. While he is having afternoon tea with celebrities, the rest of us are sitting around PCs disputing a stupid news article written by a nothing reporter. The way this story was written is libelous and one-sided and that is all that matters in a lawsuit. - Jenny

Let Anonymous know, "If David had a level of integrity, he would have kept this in the legal realm, not put it in the press. Mr. Garrett knows who leaked it and why. Maybe your friend David should get help and stop trying to destroy people and file false charges constantly being dismissed in Buckingham court. People like him need help and instead of bashing others - why don't you help him yourself. Think of the storm of destruction he's caused others by his accusations in the past. Just met his match this time and now he's whining!"

Does anyone remember the nice 15 year old girl who worked at the Motor Lodge at Fork Union Military Academy? She still has a letter and received a box of candy and flowers from an almost 40 year old man who got scared when her mother Kelly yelled at him for trying to date her teenage daughter. So then he sends the mother flowers too! She was not amused, told him to leave her child alone. Hint, he's always accusing others of crimes. And he's also befriended someone who has been investigated on more than one occasion by Child Protective Services. What accusers we have here!
Sick in F.U.

Please 'Sick in F.U', don't identify minors here. This silly article has caused enough harm already. You can still get your point across but just without making it easy to identify minors. We don't need THAT can of worms opened. I hope Ms Provence is pleased with her handywork. Now young girls are mixed up in her story.

Oh no - not his old chestnut. I would've hoped those guys learned their lessons the first time around. Kimball DID instigate an investigation of TG by going to a Magistrate in another county and claiming he was a victim (again!) but Buckingham Police AND the Prosecutor's Office checked it out and found no reason to charge TG with anything. TG is NOT being prosecuted by ANYONE! So - umm - where's the story here?

Lamb Chop is taking time off today from his busy Buckingham bedroom office computer to sip some "afternoon tea with celebrities" and attend, in spirit, the Academy Awards in glamorous Hollywood, California. Later, Lamb Chop will attend all those fabulous scrumptious super classy Oscar parties in his dreams. Eat your heart out, Charlottesville -- you are so ungrateful.

"Remember when Colbert's elderly secretary lost her Notary Commission from the Governor's Office when he asked her to notarize something that TG would sign later? The State Police investigated it and revoked her license. So much goes on down at the funeral home. Is there any surprise his old friend as he calls elderly people, Margie would be babbling in the press about TG? She didn't like any of his six ex wives either.

"Hey, Scott the contractor was served with a warrant, before that it was Dee Boyd who tried to feed his sick and elderly grandmother that he also served with a warrant, all of these people also just went away from this guy. He claims someone intercepted his mail that used to be his longtime friend. Sounds text book to me. Maybe his house is bugged too? Well, we know it's bug infested, have you seen it? Falling down to the ground. Just like all his charges against no less than a dozen people over the last few years. Would someone help the mentally ill in the country?"

Roused from slumber, Lamb Chop? Hell hath no fury like a sock puppet scorned...

Seems so me that WK and PRESS RELEASE might be one and the same. I suspect that both are very familiar with the sensation of having a sock in his hand.

You coward.

Seems to me that WK and PRESS RELEASE might be one and the same. I suspect that both are very familiar with the sensation of having a sock in his hand.

You coward.

Not sure what you're talking about Lamb Chop (we know what a sock puppet really is), but there's an easy way for this site's administrator to sort it all out. It's called an IP Address. Every computer has one. Even yours. Sweet Hollywood dreams, Lamb Chop.

I welcome it! They'd be surprised. Do not underestimate my knowledge of computers you coward. Would you just go and play... the adults are trying to discuss something here.

"I welcome it!" Sure you do, Lamb Chop.

PRESS RELEASE, it occurs to me that you may be hinting that you work for TheHook or are associated with them in some way. Lay your cards on the table TOOL! What are you REALLY trying to say? You speak in such riddles that none of it is intelligible and adds absolutely nothing to the overall discussion. What is your fascination with kid's play things? You seem to be suffering from a bout of the Kimballs.

Since TG was in the middle of a radio interview from the Academy Awards at the very same time I was wasting my time replying to your drivel, it would have been a very good trick to in fact BE TG. Don't you think? No - I guess you don't. Or are you REALLY saying that TG is so superior to yourself that he can actually multitask flawlessly in such a fashion?
It's something you could have checked for yourself if you weren't such a loser. Die now.

Amazing, Sock Puppeteer is still ranting and yet, he's in his cold damp house tonight all alone and jealous because TG has a life and career and he has none.
Instead of all the jokes, maybe getting your friend some medication for the delusions would be helpful. Then again, anyone who loves being around very young girls needs a lot more than medication. Sick people!

"...TG was in the middle of a radio interview from the Academy Awards..."

Question: Does Virginia have any statutes re: leaving the state while felony charges are pending? Just asking.

Peace and Love, :)

Yes, Mr. Garrett can leave the state. If you'd investigate the charges that were filed by the serial accuser and NOT by Buckingham Sheriff's Office or Prosecutors you would know that there are no felony charges pending. That's what Ms. Province should also have done in her "research" for the article.

For Virginia Courts Case Information, type the following web address:

(1)Once at the site, select "Buckingham County Combined (Prepayable)" from the VA county list, then mouse-click on "Begin". (2) From the available list of Traffic, Criminal & Civil, choose (hi-light) "Criminal", then mouse-click "Continue"; (3) Once at this screen, do a "Name Search"; that is, type "Garrett" and then mouse-click "Search". (4) At this screen, the 15 felony charges of Forgery & Uttering are listed. This is a state website but it may not be viewable in all browsers. MS Explorer is usually reliable.

So you stopped speaking in riddles.
Why are you trying so hard, Lisa?

The accusations of well known, mentally ill serial accusers are to be taken with a grain of salt. Which one did you align yourself with? Kimbell? Colbert? or was it DB? All three guys with dubious extra-curricular habits who really shouldn't be casting the first stone. Do you wallow in bringing down as many people as possible? You need to wear an apron - you wouldn't want to get any mud on yourself.

Lisa, it was a nice try but not good enough. Just because it's on the web doesn't make it so. A reporter should've known better.

This info listed on the link given, doesn't have a court date set. The reason it doesn't have a court date set is because neither the Prosecutor nor the police in Buckingham County filed charges. I said that earlier. Kimbell filed the charges (it's his hobby after all) - I never said that he didn't. What does it mean to have this information on the website? Here's an idea... Since I know TG is OUT of the State of Virginia, why don't you call the Prosecutor's Office right away and inform Mr. EM Wright, (Head Prosecutor) that TG is out of the State... and when he finishes laughing in your face, (if he'll even take your call, since it was TheHick that printed recently how the Buckingham Police strip-searched innocent people on the side of the road and that story didn't pan out either) - then go check out Kimbell, Colbert and Mr B. since they will have to be your prime witnesses when all of you get sued in the coming weeks. I know that you don't do your job or this story wouldn't have been printed at all, but start with the Prosecutor's office first, the number is listed. Do it. Please! And then do feel free to report in your free throw away paper how much you get sued for in the next few weeks by TG. By the way, do your research and see how many cases Kimbell has filed, then count how many he's ever won. None! Kimbell and DB were so upset when they realised this case was going nowhere that they ran to you and you were obviously sick of writing your regular drivel so you took their bait. However, in taking their bait, you slandered TG and attempted to ruin his reputation and career on a worldwide medium. I trust your Editor and lawyers have told you by now that when he proves himself, you are screwed.

Thanks for the link though. I look forward to seeing "Lisa Provence" being sued on that same web-link in the next few weeks.

It's easy to twist words Lisa. Do you and Steve still keep body parts hanging in your basement?
You never said if you were fined for trying to bring illegal goods into the country? It's the same thing!

You're frothing Lamb Chop. Wipe your lips and get some sleep before your head explodes. Everything will be better tomorrow afternoon -- you know, when you wake up.

You know what PR, you're like a little boy punching a girl that he's in love with... it took me a while to figure out that you're infatuated with TG but now I see it clearly. He's very approachable though and you don't need to go to all this cloak & dagger in the desperate hope that you might ACTUALLY talk to him. It saddens me to burst your little bubble - but truthfully, I am not TG. There's about 6.6 billion other people that I also am not - just in case you're wondering. SysAdmin could verify my lack of TGness easily if they could be bothered - however, research doesn't seem to be their strength here at TheHick. But coffee and donuts -oooeee! Now you're talkin! -and salty pork rinds...yeah!

I've changed my mind about you PR... I can see now that you're just handling the emotion the best way you can. You'll get through it ok. Get yourself an education. Keep busy. That'll take your mind off him.

Lamb Chop, You're so right on, I just love clueless little sad sack sock puppets, so cute and bald and smiley. And best friends with all the Stars, in your dreams. I'm so jealous sometimes. Have a nice day!

I'm going to offer an opinion and use my real name. This is a very strange set of postings.

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I have to point out that the "anti-Hook, Pro-Garrett" postings are written in a suspiciously similar voice, and appear to be orchestrated.

Real Names would lend credibility to the poster's claims. Without them, it looks like a sock puppet theater.

This, I promise, is my first posting to this thread.

Well Tommy has supplied enough here to fill some chapters in a psych book. I'm guessing chapters on paranoia, narcissism and multiple personalities just for starters. So TG's illustrious list of clients is anchored by movie stars from the 30's? Hey maybe he can get a rep job for the Stanley Steam Car company while he's at it; maybe they're ready for a comeback! Frankly the reporter threw a softball when she called Ed Begley a Hollywood Star. If this is the best TG can do no wonder he lives with his folks in nowheresville. Maybe if he gets really successful he can handle the guy who played "Screech" in Saved by the Bell. Aim high TG, aim high!

Hi uDog, which part of I'M NOT TOMMY was too difficult to understand? He's too busy with his career to waste time on this like we do. We can just keep going at this like a Doug with a bone forever because we have nothing better to do.

Hi Lee Walke, did you use a well-defined process to come to your conclusion? PRAy tell... I suppose after all these years, I probably have picked up similar programming to my husband. We probably do sound similar. I'm disappointed that you would stoop to using words from the urban dictionary though. That's where uncool white guys go to learn hip-sounding black guy words. I tend to use the Webster Dictionary myself.

Whenever someone becomes a public figure, so to speak, in entertainment, politics, etc., it is understood and expected that any event in their lives becomes fair game for the press. The way that I read it this was a "newsy" article that did not attempt to defame nor promote an individual, but to just put out thought provoking information, even though it seems controversial, that has accomplished its purpose to rally readers interest and comments. As I have read and re-read the Hook's article, I do not read that the author has accused TG of anything, but rather has reported a finding in a public court posting, which is frequently done by reporters, and then gathered comments from individuals. Rather than accepting the article as part of the public arena hubub, those writing these postings are stooping to making accusations that serve only to reveal the character of those people who are making them. It will be easy enough to read on the court's public website whether or not TG is actually convicted of any of the offenses as noted on the court's site. Derrogatory statements about DK's mental/emotional state and his strength of character to receive help for difficulties that he may have faced in his life show the ignorance regarding emotional health facts of those writing those particular comments. The childish and hurtful comments indicate a need for serious introspection. I noticed that DB did not find a need to come back onto these postings to defend himself from the base comments that were made against him. That is because he is a man of strong character who knows that his life has been devoted to working hard and helping others. Many students in this community have benefited from his mentoring and teaching. The writers of the postings regarding a Tiffany or other youngsters failed to relay that there was a thorough investigation of DB by SS that completley cleared him of any wrong-doing and showed his actions were above reproach. I would hope that TG would reach deep inside and deal with the current 15 accusations with maturity and integrity and that those who have offered untruthful, childish remarks in these postings would concentrate their comments on the article itself and direct their comments to what was written.

in regards towards db and me tiffany in these posts he was my mentor he helped me get through hard times by putting a camera in my hand i worked on somewhere in time and we helped tg we gave him oppertunitys and let him basically do what he wants because we work with the clients and what they feel for there project he did wrongful things and said false words db is the most caring person i have ever met and for tg to lie is obserd but if he needs to lie to feel more like a man then so be it we will all be judged for it in the end for now i will reside on the side of db and say that you dislike him then so be it your missing out on the kindest person

ty Tiffany

ty Jamie

Jamie, one thing though - the bit about having 'an affair with Garett'... it is a common local misconception but not true. The village idiots may have had fantasies about having an affair with TG but he's a man of discerning taste. They never had a chance.

Damn, Lisa! What were you thinking when you decided that going ahead with this story was a good idea? Look at the mess you've made. I don't suppose you'd have any part in helping clean it up either. That's the way it always is with you troublemakers.
Reckless reporting - nothing less.

The Hook now has a policy of removing posts that provide information which reveals their sources are less than reliable and honest. The posts can be removed but the truth is obviously already known by enough locals that it doesn't really matter one little bit.

Poor Tommy. So many people try to drag him down to their level because they can't stand to see a man getting ahead and making good with his life. Tommy is a good man and the wrongful things said here about him are more of an indication that the reporter is clutching at straws. What I want to know is how did this reporter receive a phone call from an old woman defending Tommy before the story even went out. Seems weird to me. Everyone knows everyone around here and most of the negative comments come from a particular circle of friends and their associates known to carry personal grudges against Tommy. It's truly sad that they they would help fabricate a story on that basis.

No racist remarks, no libel, no slander and no lying...
Better take down the story then Hook. You broke all your own rules.

OK, it's 3 months later and I am still waiting for this circus to come to an end. Mr Garrett hasn't been charged with anything. He is still free to fly regularly all over our wonderful country (or even out of it), unhindered by any requirements to stay local as suggested earlier. It's pretty clear this man has done nothing wrong and has been unfairly vilified in this article but I would still like to have some closure. The fact that no court date has been set is pretty damning for the accusers. If an arrest for such a serious claim had been made, there would have been a date posted immediately. It has been 3 months. Where is it? The story in The Hook tried to paint Mr Garrett as a fraud to boost the credibility of the story but that doesn't seem to have come to pass. What has this guy done to deserve all these people going after him so viciously? The last I saw, he was doing great community work with the local grade school kids. That doesn't sound like a thieving fraudster to me. That sounds like a guy who wants to help the community any way he can. We look ridiculous to the whole damned world with these kinds of things being written about our community on the internet for everyone to see. The paper should be selling us - not selling us out!

Who is Tommy Garrett?

It seems a lot quieter in here now.
What ended up happening to Tommy! He's still not back on the radio!!!

The REAL Ernie would know and wouldn't have to ask. Look harder! He never left the radio!

I was an associate of Ruth Webb and Associates, a Hollywood talent agency who last represented Virginia Mayo before her passing, and I had never heard of Tommy Garrett's name mentioned in association with that actress.

Jeez! Never heard of Patrick Pierce. Where do you nuts come from. I suppose I met you at Ms. Mayo's 85th birthday party, where Garrett and even Leonard Maltin and many others were. I suppose not. Speaking of which. I just reread Ms. Mayo's autobiography and for the life of me, I wonder why she mentions her publicist by name and not your name Mr. Pierce? Amazing how you loons just beat a dead horse. This is an old story. Google the name Patrick Pierce and you find "wannabe associated with Ruth Webb so badly he looks up old stories on the web to make himself feel a part of the biz. Guess I'll see you walking the hallways of ICM or CAA? Probably not. Ha! Ha!

welcome back tommy, i wondered where you had gone. still sock puppeting just like the good ole days it seems. miss reading your chloe posts on waldo's blog. guess your lawyer put a hold on those, eh?

I am the founder and publisher of Senior Magazine Arizona. Julia, above, was my girlfriend, not the publisher although I did list her as such in the indicia on page 4 of the magazine, the index page. It was a joke, and it was for Julia, who has since passed away.

I've never met or spoken with Tommy Garrett. I allowed his picture on the cover of a 2005 issue though I don't recall the month. He was also allowed to write a feature story. This was as a favor to Julia. She befriended Tommy. A post above by Anonymous Writer is another writer whose material I accepted in the magazine. Her name is Elsie Savage.