W&L's Staniar Gallery opens "Dave Anderson: Rough Beauty"

Dave Anderson, "Tadpole."

Washington and Lee University hosts an artist's talk and reception for its current exhibition in the Staniar Gallery, "Dave Anderson: Rough Beauty," which features images by award-winning photographer Dave Anderson. The project "Rough Beauty" has received attention on NPR and Canadian television and won the Santa Fe Center for Photography 2005 Project Competition. Wilson Hall, Lenfest Center for the Arts, 100 Glasgow St., Lexington. 540-458-8861.


What a joke! Much more appropriate for Richmond or Tidewater to be discussing this rather than Charlottesville. Remember, we are one of smaller MSA's in VA and if funds are hard to come by for such projects in Richmond or Tidewater, any type of light rail transit in C-ville is nothing but a pipe dream!

However it is accomplished, the citizens of Charlottesville, its tourists and business people will all benefit from a clean, non-oil using streetcar or, as it is called now, light rail.
This will all become more clear as gasoline prices continue their ascent, supply interruptions return, the clean mountain air stagnates and the death and injuries from our outrageous oil-driven misadventure in Iraq hits closer to home.