Art Upstairs: Michael McGurk's "Faces and Figures... Pastel Paintings and Drawings"

Michael McGurk, "Blue Shirt Girl."

Art Upstairs Gallery features paintings by former firefighter Michael McGurk in the exhibition "Faces and Figures... Pastel Paintings and Drawings." A First Friday opening is scheduled for November 7, 6-9pm. 112 W. Main St., Suite 4 (York Place). 923-3900.


Hope you draw some support but wonder why you, and your reality-show friends, don't just join up with LiveArts? Or one of the other existing theater groups? Why fragment, again, such a tiny market of theater patrons and supporters?

While Live Arts produces what they brand as cutting-edge productions, Play On is offering popular musicals, comedies, and musical revues. Let's face it - you'll never see "Camelot" or "The Odd Couple" at Live Arts. It's wonderful that Play On is adding to the cultural variety in our local arts scene by staging shows that haven't been seen in this area in a long time. There's resources and audience enough for Live Arts and Play On. Let's have the best of both!