Among the odd instruments played by acoustic quartet Skeedaddle during their vaudeville Americana performances:

Washboard, hatchback banjo, banjo uke, regular uke, tenor guitar, mouth trumpet, sweeping hand motions, hat gestures, kazoo, funny-looking guitar, lap steel, and suspenders.

As Rapunzel's puts it, they'll use "anything that can toot, or belch, or sing." Looks like they're in for 66.6% of a world of hurt.

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This band is great fun to see and a totally refreshing change from the usual, predictable fare. The shear brain-power that fuels their foray into a realm of the ridiculous and slyly clever is impressive. I especially love the Hokum music - those old 20's and 30's players and partiers were hilarious. A big shout out to the Viper Man!