The Honey Dewdrops

Award-winning local folk duo.

The Honey Dewdrops - Nowhere To Stand
The Honey Dewdrops - Fly Away Free

Joe Pollock opens with guitars and loops.

Joe Pollock - Woodlawn Street
Joe Pollock - Someone Said It Sounded Like Traveling
Joe Pollock - Older Brother And An Ice Cream Cone


I happen to be an ardent supporter of when it had it's old name, I have enjoyed many a show there & took lots of photos & gave a spare set to the personnell, who were so grateful that I showed my support. I enjoy what's being done now at 214 CAC.

It is a shame that so few people know of what was happening during Fred Boyce's time in the Prism-- what kind of inane pressure the church was putting on the Prism- Fred wasn't hot-headed, he was ticked off at pushy landlords who wanted to impose their religious morals onto the non-profit organization.