Upset alert? Goode and Perriello tied on Election Eve

Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Rocky Mount) and attorney Tom Perriello (D-Ivy) are running in a district that went to President George W. Bush by ten points in 2004.

Could a man who's never run for political office topple a six-term congressman? If the latest poll is to be believed, it could happen right here in Virginia's Fifth District. SurveyUSA released a survey today showing Rep. Virgil Goode's (R-Rocky Mount) lead over challenger Tom Perriello (D-Ivy) down to three points, 50-47, with a four-point margin of error.

"This poll shows what we've been hearing on the trail everyday," says Perriello spokeswoman Jessica Barba in a press release touting the new numbers, "that people are ready to leave behind the old politics of fear and division of Congressman Goode, and hungry for Tom Perriello's solutions for the economy and commitment to Virginia values."

A call to the Goode campaign had not been returned at the time of this post.

If Perriello manages to pull off the victory, it will be an upset of historic proportions in Virginia politics. Just three months ago, the same SurveyUSA poll showed Goode with a more than two-to-one lead over Perriello, with 64 percent of likely voters saying they backed Goode to Perriello's 29 percent. In his last run for re-election in 2006, Goode defeated vintner Al Weed (D-Nelson) easily, winning 59 percent of the vote to Weed's 40 percent.


With the 4% MOE, 54-43 Goode seems much more likely than Perriello winning. But the Progress is having a good run endorsing losers this year so who knows! And Goode out of Congress wouldn't just be good for the 5th District, or for Virginia, but for the entire country. His well-documented philosophy of hate and bigotry just has no place.

I don't know about yunz guys, but those Goode commercials they have on the radio irritate the heck out of me

Every time I hear Goode's voice I think of "Sling Blade." "I lihk the way you towk"

Goode is promoted by "pro-American" people. No doubt he will win in Virginny. Besides, I saw his ads that say that Perriello is a godless evil terrorist...or was that about Kay R. Hagan?

Palin/Goode 2012.

The single biggest challenge that Perriello faces is that people who would support him do not know who he is. So tomorrow, let as many people as possible know that Tom Perriello is the Democrat running for congress.

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