Fiction writer Robert Cohen at UVA

Fiction writer Robert Cohen will give a reading on Thursday, November 6, at 6pm in the Faculty Lounge of the English Department, 229 Bryan Hall (map). The reading, sponsored by the UVA Creative Writing Program, is free and open to the public.

Cohen is the author of four novels – The Organ Builder, The Here and Now, Inspired Sleep, and, forthcoming in 2009, Amateur Barbarians – as well as a collection of stories, The Varieties of Romantic Experience. His
awards include a Guggenheim fellowship, a Whiting Writers Award, a Lila Wallace Writers Award, and a Pushcart Prize. He has taught widely, at Harvard, the Iowa Writers Workshop, the University of Houston, and
elsewhere, and now teaches at Middlebury College.


The Title 10 government funds that go to Planned Parenthood do NOT cover abortions - abortion is exempt from any public funding. The organization is also NOT a profit-making venture. You obviously don't get it.

Get your facts straight before you go off pontificating on a subject about which you know nothing about.

You failed in your assualt on Planned Parenthood to mention that they also provide: free or affordable prostate cancer screening for males, yearly exams and pap smears for females, also STD testing, pregnancy tests, and birth control medications (both oral and injected), condoms and FACTUAL INFORMATION!!!
If it weren't for Planned Parenthood my daughters would not have been able to have their yearly female exams because they at many times had no private insurance and could not afford what it would have cost to go to a private doctor or clinic!
I was at a Planned Parenthood when a young lady who had every intention of keeping her child came to their reproductive service clinic to get an ultrasound because her Medicaid would not take the information from a Crisis Pregnancy Center! The government gives these CPCs many dollars but doesn't trust the info they provide?
I will continue to contribute my time and money to the local PP thank you very much!

The PP of the Blue Ridge website states that "our Charlottesville, Lynchburg and New River Valley Centers receive no local, state or federal funding."

I don't really care if the business of providing affordable reproductive health care services, gynecological exams, birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, treatment for STDs, and first-trimester abortions is profitable or not; I just care that there is an organization that does so, and does so affordably. Do you know how much insurance costs if you don't have a good job? Do you realize that women without a high income or stable job don't have a lot of good options for health care?

Cheers to John for a insightful rebuttal against a cavalcade of well-researched facts. You showed 'em!

I'm going to hell? Well, that's going to put a real downer on the weekend.


As long as people like John Guiliano are not in Hell, then I won't mind going there.

Oh, and I signed up for the pledge-a-picket thing.

You'd better make sure you don't go to Hell then, Sidonie.

A non-proft organization can certainly make a profit as Mary states. That was her point-$63 million in profit. Her other point is that Planned Parenthood is the main provider of the over 600 abortions done in our town. Over 600 children were aborted here in the year 2005 -lost their lives.

What does Mary mean by "turned a profit"? Something disingenuous, I think. Technically, it means PP had an excess of $63m after expenses were subtracted from revenues (in 2005).

But the term "turn a profit," especially coming from the mouths of anti-abortion people, conjures up images of fat, happy capitalists rolling around on piles of money. The question is, what does PP do with the money left over after they cover their expenses? Well, if they want to keep their 501(c)3 status (just like Catholic Charities, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and the Red Cross), here are the requirements:

* "Any profits made must go back to the organization and be used to fulfill its tax-exempt purpose. Profits cannot be distributed to staff (other than in the form of their regular pay), board members, or any individuals affiliated with the organization. Non-profits can have no owner shareholders who benefit from surplus revenues."

So they made a profit (like a lot of nonprofits do), and they plowed the money back into the operation. If they did anything of it that smacked of Enron-style lavish indulgence of board members' whims, PP would lose their nonprofit status so fast it would make your head spin (especially in today's political climate--I'm sure the Bush administration would LOVE that political coup!).

I am responding the the statement that Medicaid does not accept information from CPC's. I am the Director of the downtown pregnancy center and Medicaid does accept our Pregnancy Verification Forms so the women can apply for pregnancy Medicaid. Evidently, someone did not have all the facts concerning the young woman who claimed to have been denied an ultrasound through Medicaid.

I support Planned Parenthood. This is 2007, not the Dark Ages and people should be able to control their reproductive futures.

Besides, 6.3 billion people on the planet and expected to double. People ARE a threat to the planet.

As far as immigration is concerned, my solution is simple: when encountered, illegal aliens should be "Captured, sterilized, and deported. Guaranteed to end the problem within months.