New Dominion Bookshop: Susan Northington's "finding time"

Painting by Susan Northington.

New Dominino Bookshop features painter Susan Haley Northington's exhibition, "finding time." 404 E. Main St. on the Downtown Mall. 295-2552.


The Time Magazine article had an error in it....Taylor Hicks is not managed by Clive Davis and Simon Fuller because....Taylor Hicks CHOSE to be managed by The Firm. Taylor declined to be managed by them (didn't want to be the flavor of the month). I am happy for Chris, he is talented. Taylor Hicks is also very talented and is a totally different Genre. Comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges. America did not get it wrong....Taylor is clearly the more gifted overall performer and very well respected among other performers within his genre. Mr. Fuller should be careful on what he has put in print could come back to bite him.

Really are better than the store brand.


Sparky's Flaw looks like a bunch of pre-pubescent, adolescent, homosexual teens. I can sure tell this is a college town.

The Time magazine had several false statements in it. As noted by Terry, Taylor chose not to go with E19 -- HE made the choice to go with The Firm. Taylor is on more than a 53-city tour, selling out most of his concerts and gaining new fans. Daughtry is selling out small concerts -- avering less than 1000. AI voting is down, as well as viewership. Don't believe everything you read. Both are talented men in their own genre.

A peculiarly bitter statement from Trollhouse Morsels. I've got no beef with the Flaw.

Hey you! Stop that before I have to break open a can of whoopass on you! I pity the fool who try to steal my moniker!


I will be your hero, baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away

Thank you for this article about Daughtry. I've become fascinated by Daughtry and have become a fan since It's Not Over released. I almost didn't buy it because I heard he'd been on American Idol. So I was cringing when I bought the CD and surprisingly it was very good. So I guess I forgive him for being in American Idol. lol Now I have to buy this issue so I can get photos and the article.

Daughtry is known as "bald ego" in most sets...good thing he tatooed his name across his shoulders, because soon nobody's gonna remember it!

Sparky's Flaw is AMAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! but your picture is missing a member !!!!

Real Trollhouse Morsels,

Because you managed to make me roll with laughter, I hereby issue a public apology for stealing your monkey or uhhhh . . . moniker. I do believe Sparky's Flaw looks like a boy band. However, I've never heard them sing. Maybe they really sound like KISS.

I no longer live in the ville and really miss its local music scene. im a little upset that you forgot to mention some of the best bands in the ville, Jim Waive and the young divorcees (come on, how did you omit them), PEEN, and the almighty, always benevolent KINGS OF BELMONT!!!!!!! "livin it up with the kings of belmont", "Git R' done"; these are goddamn true rock classics that will ride high with such greats as "stairway" and "freebird". that is`all.


A bit overstated. I've never heard of any of these bands but I've known "stairway" and "freebird" my entire life. Actually, you it was extremely overstated.

Trees on Fire are the guys...Who knows better than Mr. Flohr (giant in the industry) and Tinsley whos been there done that. These guys are crazy good musicians that nail it every time.

Shame on the Hook for failing to mention Dreaming Isabelle - doubtlessly the best thing happening in Cville right now.

Just to tell the truth here: Clive also misstated when he credited Daughtry with this: "He was the first Idol [contestant] I'd ever met who had material that he had written,'' Arista Records founder Clive Davis, the man responsible for launching the careers of the likes of Patti Smith and Notorious B.I.G., told Entertainment Weekly. ''That was compelling."

Just in last year's group - Ace Young and more prolifically, Taylor Hicks, wrote their own music. Taylor actually wrote the majority of the songs on two previous Indy recordings as well as four on his new CD.

So much for believing everything that's written, and rewritten, and rewritten, etc.

I was shocked when Hicks lasted longer than Daughtry on AI. That confirmed for me that the people who did the voting were either horribly unable to discern musical talent and powerful singing voice, or that they were playing a collective prank. My girlfriend got me to watch AI for the first time last season. As soon as I heard Daughtry I knew he was above the rest. This is not to say that Hicks is without talent. He's actually not bad. But he's not in a class with Daughtry when it comes to vocal power. If Hicks won by sincere voting, I'd be curious as to what age group he appeals to. What IS his genre?

I just saw the tattoo on Daughtry's back. Man, that doesn't speak well for him. Why the hell would someone do THAT? I guess that's evidence that talent and brains often have NOTHING to do with each other.

taylor hicks was and always will be by far the most talented idol! he is the real deal. guess some people just aren't ready for this yet. taylor is continuing in his success every day,and still he is the same taylor we saw when he first auditioned for ai!!! what an inspiration he is.

Daughty is by no means the most talented or unique talent to come from American Idol. Some of the others you mentioned are indeed very talented. Daughty is so full of himself and just because he writes his music does not make him the best talent.