Senior Center, Inc. Craft Show and Sale

The Senior Center, Inc. holds a craft show and sale. 1180 Pepsi Pl. 974-7756,


Unclean spirits are likened to frogs in the Book of Revelation, and George Bush used to blow those unclean frogs to shreds with firecrackers when he was a kid. At least that's what I heard. I love George Bush. He's God's servant on earth.

We still have our spring peepers in Louisa county, but just one or 2 lonely guys this year, unlike last spring when it was kind of hard to sleep through the chorus

We have noticed the numbers go down too on our end of Market Street. They used to be deafening a few short years ago in the seepy area behind the chapel. Now, one or two. It breaks my heart because I love them too, the sound is the thrill of spring and awakening all wrapped up in a froggy love song. Yes, we need more oversight of the waterways, not just the bigger ones, to help protect these and other sensitive species from the pollution, sedimentation and other increasing threats.