PVCC: "Three Fabulous Babes" and "Looks Good on Paper"

Silvia Lizama, "Window, 73rd Avenue."

Piedmont Virginia Community College presents two exhibitions in its V. Earl Dickinson Building Galleries. In the North Gallery, "Three Fabulous Babes" features collages by Angi Curreri, hand-tinted photographs by Silvia Lizama, and mixed-media work by PVCC's own Beryl Solla. In the South Gallery, "Looks Good on Paper" showcases local printmakers Tim Michel, Matt Pamer, and Russell U. Richards. 961-5362.


That is one vote by Cletus for MONEY continuing to run America. Are there any votes for a republic that is by the people and for the people?

Cletus. Your such a leming. You have now accepted the party line of both Republicans and Democrats, which is "prepare to be assimilated. Resistance if futile."

I interviewed Ralph Nader as part of my research for a new biography Citizen Moore. Most people don't knnow that Nader was one of two employer's central to Moore's career (the other was Mother Jones where Moore was fired). He went to work for Nader to edit a media newsletter, Moore's Weekly and secretly began working on the film that became Roger & Me. Although Nader fire him, Moore later campaigned for Nader in 2000 and then ultimately decided to dump him just before the elction. Ironically Bush's election was the best thing that ever happened to Moore career wise, setting up a chain of political events that brought Moore back to the forefront and ultimately led to his blockbuster Fahrenheit 9/11. Today of course it appears that Al Gore is emerging as the new Michael Moore, a heavyweight filmmaker with a focus on the central issues of our time. Moore himself has ruled himself out as a candidate claiming that America is not ready for the "eat out more often" platform.


Thanks for that irrelevant ramble. Much appreciated.

I disagree with you about that Cletus. And Michael Moore own's Halliburton stock. He's a corporate schill as well, just a little more sophisticated one, for the little more sophisticated types. Just like Al Gore. He's for the "liberal" brand of idiot, who likes to feel good about the environment while accepting the elite's propaganda about the fossil fuel greenhouse effect (not real folks) being instilled into children since grade school, as a means to exploit the current climate change going on due to natural and man-made factors (see "The Sun" and "Weather Modification") by blaming it on the common people, and using that to control society in many different ways, like a global fossil fuel tax, and to have an excuse to inflict tyranny, since the scheme they pulled on 9/11 is losing its effect, they need a new excuse, and Global Warming is the just the chicken little scenario they need to get people into an organized system of control. Al Gore is a petrowhore, just a different brand for a different brand of gullible person. Those military jet chemical trails they spray, forming thin cloud layers of water droplets condensing on these barium and aluminum particles they're spraying, trap more solar warmth in the atmosphere than they block the sun's radiational heating, acting as a greenhouse glass panel would. That's not the only purpose of this project by any means, but it does help in warming up the upper atmosphere, making condensation, and thus precipitation, impossible. Unless they want it to rain, in which case they bounce scalar waves off the particles to ionize the atmosphere and manipulate the jetstream, wind currents, and pressure gradients. Hurricanes can be greatly weakened by man-made cloud seeding, and have been, since at least the late nineteen sixties. If they aren't spending a few million on Hurricanes like Katrina and Rita seeding them to weaken them, that just makes the anomalies (see "perfect symmetry") in the Katrina satellite picture all the more suspicious. In other words, Katrina was modified. And Nader is a clown act.

You may be a brilliant scientist (or not). I really don't care to know. However, you should stay in your lane too. You sound just as foolish when you talk about politics, law and social policy. "I agree that Nader isn't a fit choice. But he seems like a nice guy and he's done some great things for auto safety." We'll there you go. You certainly changed my mind. Anybody that does something for auto safety will surely make a great President. Besides, he is a nice guy! Now I'm laughing :)

Cletus . . . a fitting name for a Virginia hillbilly that cannot converse with somebody with an opposing viewpoint without resorting to personal insults. You go Cletus and ya'll come back now . . . ya here!

You sure seem like a VA hillbilly. The name, your lack of ability to converse without resorting to insult, etc. Cletus . . . your such a dunce.

I'm sorry Cletus. To make things up to you . . . I'll drop a bottle of moonshine off to ya. Now pick up that banjo and play a jig.