Java Java Downtown: Paintings by Kelly Lonergan

Kelly Lonergan, "Scribe."

Java Java Downtown displays paintings by local fave Kelly Lonergan. 421 E. Main St. on the Downtown Mall. 245-0020.


come on - smart people know and realize that KC was on her way out long before talking to the hook. Just gave nbc 29 a different excuse to make the change.

All the talk about the drinking and driving of the two newspeople begs to wonder - nothing about the young boy hired in a very short time span(weather)last year. He was a nice little catch as well.

It has been a steady descent for the once proud peacock here in the hook.

This is horrible. NBC 29 should be ashamed of itself. I agree that it is extremely unfair to go after other people who have been arrested for DUI, but not disclose two of their own "high profile" celebrities were recently arrested of the same thing. Shame on you NBC 29. I've been much happier watching the Newsplex, now I have even more reasons to continue watching them.

People who are in favor of talent need to realize that human beings can make mistakes especially if the policy for media folks isn't obvious to them how are they to know. They are only saying what is truthfull to there own knowledge not lying about things they only think are real. So how about a little forgiveness folks. If people are lying or acting as a danger to society and don't want to change then yes get rid of them but if they are willing to change, let them change with our help. Punishment can't change the past, but if we help people change today then maybe we've done some good in this crazy world.

Eric never talks about the chemtrails. Neither does Norm. Tomorrow's Forecast "Partly sunny tomorrow with scattered chemtrails, highs in the mid sixties. Atmosphere will be in plasmatic state for most of the day."

She is a great anchor, and the reason why many people watch the 5 and 12pm news. Don't know why they'd give her up for a 40-something has been. Doesn't the reverse normall happen?


If people don't practice what they preach to other people then they should be called out and recognized for being a hypocrite.

Whatta do you hava againsta spaghetti western?

The Hook now has a policy of removing posts that provide information which reveals their sources are less than reliable and honest. The posts can be removed but the truth is obviously already known by enough locals that it doesn't really matter one little bit.