Kluge-Ruhe presents Khadija Carroll lecture

The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection presents a lecture by the Peabody Museum's Khadija Carroll, entitled, "Histories of the Art from Australia’s Lawless Nineteenth Century." Space is limited, so call for reservations. 400 Worrell Dr. 244-0234.


Nice to see the classy lady back on the air.

I'd dewer.

I'm excited that Beth's back and I know she's going to to a spectacular job! It'll be great to have her back home on the air.

"Two females are anchoring at 5 pm in DC..." I love how our liberal media preaches blindness when it comes to gender or color, but sure as hell know when to put to chickies in the anchor seats!

"It's a chance to watch two of Cville's favorite women back to back..." Is this guy kidding? Who watches Couric?

This town is so bush league when it comes to news. Ugh!