I-64 shooter gets 2 years in Waynesboro

Slade Woodson, the Gremlin-driving teen who took potshots at cars on Interstate 64 March 27, is sentenced to two years in jail for charges he accumulated in Waynesboro, including firing into an occupied building, NBC29 reports. Woodson blamed alcohol for the spree, and still faces 15 counts in Albemarle County December 3.


cut the boy some slack. I mean it wasn't like he was walking on the railroad tracks or anything. c'mon

I agree with you, I mean a fine boy like that belongs on the Charlottesville PD as far as I'm concerned. Fine street-patrolin' material right there. He can ride around with Mike Flaherty and shoot the people he fails to run over.

If we are going to go down this road.. I'll play along. There's more than just a few cops who SHOULD be in jail sharing a cell with Woodson. I draw your attention to what former Albemarle County police officer Karl Mansoor said here on The Hook back on April 4, 2008 at 4:03:23 p.m.

quote, Karl Mansoor: "....many of my fellow Albemarle County police officers were competent and honorable and some were not. The surprise was the amount of misconduct and the extent to which it was accepted at ACPD. Alarmingly, not only was the misconduct frequently overlooked, sometimes those involved were rewarded....

...If I hadn’t seen for myself significant amounts of police misconduct over the years including multiple examples of brutality and outright lying by police officers, even while under oath, including the lies of omission, I still might have considerable faith in our criminal justice system....

Karl is 100% correct. When Karl Mansoor mentions crooked corrupt lying police officers being rewarded, I feel quite sure he is speaking of promotions.

Another interesting tidbit of information - the fired Albemarle Couny police officer who went on to become the current chief of police in Louisa Township hired one of his fellow former Albemarle police officers a couple of years ago, a police officer who had left the Albemarle County Police Department over a videotape of his physically beating a suspect in custody. This of course didn't last long once Louisa Township found out aout the cop's past record. And the Louisa Township police chief was demoted to acting police chief by Town Council while they decided whether they would seek to replace him or not.

And does anybody recall our own little "O J Simpson" fasimile? While no offier was ever convicted of any wrongdoing in the killing of a young black man named Frederick Gray in Albelarle County back in 1997, a civil jury later rewarded the young man's family a $4.5 million judgement in their son's wrongful killing. Sound familiar? The civil jury felt a police officer was guilty of committing assault and battery and grossly negligent in Gray’s death.

See... http://www.c-ville.com/index.php?cat=121304064644348&z_Issue_ID=11042111...

At least Woodson, in all of his actions, didn't kill anybody.

I just noticed I didn't finish one of my statements above. Louisa Township decided to keep the chief on and give him a second chance, even though the chief knew the cop's past history of police brutality when he hired him.

And forgive me for the typos above too please.

aout = about

Albelarle = Albemarle

this man is going to jail....

He's already in jail.

2 years is nothing for a young man and when he comes out it will not be long before he unleashes his anger and psychopathic behavior on some other animate being (not just mailboxes, houses and parked cars, sadly).

I hope his being white has nothing to do with this leniency. This brief sentence (so far) sickens me, but you're right, no one dies, just 100,000s terrorized and afraid to drive on the sole Interstate east/west artery through Virginia.

Mr. or Mrs. Yikes, he still has numerous charges in another jurisdiction that will attempt to put him away for a very long time.

Sick, what's your take on police Chief Tim Longo? I personally think he does a great job, but then again I'm not as informed or seasoned (no offense!) as you.

I agree with the amount of time given to this young man. Sick Of the Local Rambos got it right, he will end up serving multiple sentences in multiple jurisdictions all amounting to good bit of time.

What I don't agree with is the, to me, extreme leniency shown to the accomplice. Thier intent was obvious, so why not charge them as one single entity?

I have mixed feelings once in a while, but I think Longo is OK and does a good job. And of course, since you're asking for an opinion, IMHO he wouldn't have to do a whole lot anyway to be a better chief than the one he replaced.

The only major problem I really have with him is the fact that he still has a seriously corrupt lying officer in his troops. I firmly believe he knows this officer is a corrupt lying individual. And I can tell you other veteran officers feel the same exact way I do. To me, it appears Longo is simply letting the person stay on because the person is so close to retirement. Notwithstanding the other questionable events this officer has been involved in, he should have become past history for his recent sexual harrassment of a female detective.

I also discussed a pretty serious issue with Longo not long ago that involved both officer safety and civilian safety at the same time. I was not satisfied with the outcome of this discussion, because there no outcome as far as I am concerned. He passed it down the chain of command, and I feel this chain of command dropped the ball. Longo accepts comments and complaints - but he leaves them hanging out there with no further discussion, agreement, disagreement or whatever. I think he needs to make a few improvements in this category of job performance.

Crozet, I understand and share your frustration. But there is only so much the law can do to a juvenile in cases like these. The outcome would have been much different had anybody been seriously injured.

yeah.... that's what i meant...

yeah... that's what i meant...