Buy a $7 million spec house

Lower Sherwood, a dwelling developed after telecom millionaire Thomas Sullivan began transforming Blenheim Road, can now be had for $7.25 million. That's one of the more expensive spec houses ever seen in these parts.


Great time in our country's economic lifeline to have a $7 million chunk of inventory sitting on the ground empty. I'll bet somebody can get it for $5 million easy. Maybe not until next week - let them sweat a little first.

The only thing more idiotic than buying a $7 million spec is actually building one.

With the rampant government to industry welfare programs abounding, they could have bought it Monday and not have to use their own money.

Music lover- a 7 million dollar piece of housing inventory pays the same amount of taxes as one with someone living there.
That's about 50k a year for a building that needs little county services.

Every time the owner leaves his property he is using county services.