Kaine tells Obama no thanks

After much speculation that he might leave his post to join the cabinet of President-elect Barack Obama, Gov. Tim Kaine told reporters yesterday, "I took an oath to be here for my whole term. I've actually communicated that to the president-elect already." A Kaine spokesperson tells ABC News that Kaine conveyed that message personally to Obama during a phone call last weekend. Kaine also told reporters that he would not leave office to become the new chair of the Democratic National Committee, now that former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has said he won't seek another term.


In other words he needs to raise a few more taxes here in Va. and maybe take us closer to the Highest Taxed State in the Union. Good Luck Tim you are already moving us up the latter from low taxes to high. Keep up the Good work.

Perhaps he's just positioning for something, but I respect him for it.

Please tell us what cabinet-level expertise does Kaine possess? Maybe he could serve as the Surgeon General. That position doesn't doesn't even require a medical degree.

God bless Tim Kaine. He's a good man, and I'm glad he's our governor.

He is the democratic equivalent of Sarah Palin. Mayor, Governor. However, this budget mess isn't his fault either.

uh,no comes closer to answering my question: "Please tell us what cabinet-level expertise does Kaine possess?" Shall I assume since there are no takers, everyone agrees that the idea of giving him a cabinet-level position would be less than a good choice?