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Jeffersonian Thanksgiving.
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Modern folks can give thanks as people did in Jefferson's day at the fifteenth annual Jeffersonian Thanksgiving Festival. The festival involves battle reenactments, period music, games and craft demonstrations, carriage rides, dancing, concerts, lectures, and more. Downtown Charlottesville, Market or Water Streets. 249-4032.


"Gun control" does not have to mean "ban"; there are things we can do to increase the likelihood that the wrong people don't obtain guns. We can close that gap between federal and state law that allowed Cho to buy his handguns (i.e., he had been adjudicated a danger to himself and fed law said he therefore should have been in the database, but state law said differently, so he never went into the database). We can do more thorough background checks. We can require more thorough licensing procedures. None of these things would deter the most determined killers, but they would throw up more roadblocks in front of unstable or evil-minded people--slow them down a bit and thus create more opportunities for someone to step in and intervene.

Cletus is right that statistically speaking cars and tobacco and alcohol lead to a lot of deaths too, but that's no reason why we should just roll over on guns and hand them out like candy (i.e., the current state of our "controls" on guns). We DO have laws in place to limit/control the damage that alcohol/cars/tobacco can do to people--seat belt laws, age limits, etc. The gun-control argument is simply that more limits on guns are appropriate.

Let's ban guns. And have the county police continue to sugar coat crime reports so as to make it appear there were no serious injuries to the victims or any need to fear the criminals. We should be real safe then. Our having no knowledge that violent criminals are roaming the streets, and we have no guns to protect ourselves when we do encounter them.

Watching the police Lt squirm on TV when asked why the public wasn't told the injuries were so severe in the recent wood Grill robbery was priceless. I saved it to video!!! And then the county police asking the press not to release the actual facts of the victim's death until they make an arrest. And then no arrest is made as promised. In other words, these violemt murderers are still on the street. We don't need any guns to protect ourselves.

Wow John! You and Cletus need to get a chat room somewhere and discuss the chaps maybe!

As an aside comment/question...I wonder if the Charlottesville/Albemarle airport will want to change its FAA disignation from GOCHO to something else. Get it? GO-CHO

I am so worried that the Supreme Court will ignore the original, historic context of the 2nd amendment and reaffirm the illogical "right to bear arms as the NRA wants us to believe. I do feel so helpless to sweep back this ignorance but i apprecaite your efforts and hope to help in any way I can to support the education of the American people! Thanks, Anne

Protecting one's family is more than a Constitutional right, it is a civil right.

The people are supposed to be armed to control the goverment, not the other way around.

Fear the goverment that fears your guns.

Jeez...23000 gun laws on the books and these people want more? That is insane.