Gilmore campaign $50,000 in the hole

Former Gov. Jim Gilmore (R) sent an e-mail to supporters of his failed U.S. Senate bid today thanking them and asking them for one last contribution of "$100, $75, or even $35" to help cover a $50,000 debt his campaign incurred from "final campaign activities." Gilmore assures his backers that they are not investing in a soon-to-disappear also-ran. He writes in bold type, "I want to continue to play a role in restoring our party and adding to the public debate of the future." The other side has not been immune to such financial shortfalls this year, either. The Democratic National Committee is currently selling "Victory 2008" t-shirts for $30 apiece to cover its own post-campaign debts.


Gilmore in debt for $50k for his campaign? So in other words he left his campaign in pretty much the same condition in which he left the Commonwealth of Virginia.

No Car Tax!

What a freaking idiot.

Haha! Serves him right.

This is pitiful. I have or offer no sympathy.

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