Staunton Augusta Art Center holds "Come as You Art" Tuesday children's art classes

The Staunton August Art Center presents "Come as You Art" casual art classes for children ages 6-8 (negotiable). No pre-registration necessary–just show up ready to make art! Second floor of the R.R. Smith Center for History and Art, 20 S. New St. (across from the Staunton Visitor Center). 540-885-2028.


Regarding the first pieced of news, Tim Kaine needs to be tried for treason for willfully and knowingly violating the US Constitution (which he took an oath to uphold), and if convicted, promptly executed. By the way, this "law" about people who have been TDO'd not being "allowed" to purchase firearms has been on the books for years. The government wants to cover up the fact that the Va Tech killer had been TDO'd before he purchased two handguns on two separate occasions, which he used to murder 32 people. They don't want folks to understand that this was not simply an oversight that Cho got the guns despite having been TDO'd, but a deliberate exemption made by the State and Federal government for Cho, because they had a feeling he would do this, and knew they could use this incident to further their agenda of disarming as many Americans as possible, so they can declare martial law, and begin to initiate their policy of 85-90% world population reduction. Tim Kaine is a traitor, and deserves to be shot by a firing squad.

Isn't Tim Kaine the guy who said he "had nothing but loathing" for folks who would try to exploit the incident at Va. Tech for political purposes? Answer: Yes, but you're not supposed to remember that, because that was last week.

What's all the hub-bub about gun control. Guns don't kill people, it's those darn bullets!