William Walter and Company

Jammy pop-rock singer-songwriter driven by acoustic guitar and a big ol' backing band.

William Walter and Company - Sunflower [live]
William Walter and Company - All The Best [live]
William Walter and Company - Alright [live]
William Walter and Company - Border Crosser [live]
William Walter and Company - Myspace


The punishment is way to good for this guy. He should be hung by his n#ts from a yardarm.

If law enforcement has the ability to trace who visits child pornography sites, surely they have the ability to trace who operates the sites as well. Yet, no mention of any efforts by law enforcement to trace IP addresses of the operators of the site, and arrest the person/persons who are operating a child pornography website. Could it be that law enforcement is actually allowing these sites to remain online, so they can make a database of who visits them? If so, is that legal and proper? Could it be that law enforcement is actually behind these websites that display child pornography, and is getting the child porn from CPS, which is known to be full of pedophiles? I demand answers to these questions. Let's hear it, Captain Harding. (By the way, this is the fourth time I have reposted this comment, since it has been deleted the other three times I have posted it. I guess the media doesn't want these questions to even be asked, yet alone answered.)