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Fornication, or sex outside of marriage, is a sin which public schools should be neither encouraging, condoning, nor enabling. If you have children, and want to instill values in them that will last throughout a lifetime, get them out of public schools at all costs. One of the reasons I don't think I'll have children is because the government makes you put them in their indoctrination centers if you cannot afford to send them to private schools, and don't have the time to home school them, and if I did have a child, I would not want them to be brainwashed by the government, as so many children in public schools are. I would want to raise them to share the values I have. I realize this is impossible to do entirely, but the role of parents in raising children is much more effective when the children aren't in public schools, having their impressionable (and by nature, naive) minds manipulated. Some would like to say this is a conspiracy theory to control kids minds. These folks, in all likelihood, were raised in public schools.

ok so that doesn't make sense at all. people sin every day!!! and in god's eyes all sins are equal they are forgiven if you ask. sex needs to be taught about. not how to do it just how to prevent it when the time arises. how to be prepared. we prepare kids to take their drivers test and how to say their abc's becuase one day it comes up. sex is the same way you just can't control some things but kids should know how to protect them selves if the time comes because accidents happen but teen pregnancy can be prevented with the proper education

I'm sorry Megan, but what you have said is what to me, dos not make sense. I was rasied in the "Sex ed, use your condoms" age and was in Sex Ed class with a girl who was pregnant. I know plenty of girls who have sat throught these classes and ended up pregnant. I know plenty of people who majority of the time partied and had unprotected sex. Sex Ed with a focus on "safe sex" doesn't work. Kids need to be assured that it's ok not to have sex, that "everyone" is not "doing it", and they are not uncool if they decide not to. That's what Abstinence programs are trying to do.

What are people so afraid of when it comes to abstinence ed? That it might prove to be a better program?

well.... i am a teenager and have gone through sex ed. I know plenty of teens, matter of fact, most of my friends have had sex. But some haven't and they know if it's their choice or not. Peer pressure isn't a big deal at my school. People get if your a virgin or not. It doesn't matter. Unprotected sex happens but don't think that it's all when kids party.. Yes somethings are unplanned but others are just bad choices, drunk or not. There is no such thing as safe sex anymore. But abstinence is a choice.