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Fest your eyes on this exerpt from the May 29th, Lynchburg NewsAdvance...

"Known for his intellect, his advocacy for patients and his skill as a heart surgeon, Dr. John Bell was also a good friend, hard-working colleague and family man.

Bell, 58, died Saturday from injuries sustained when he was struck while riding his bicycle on U.S. 501 near Virginia 846."

Talk about a health kick!

Yeah, well I think people driving their 6000lb Navigators while talking on their cellphones and stuffing their faces with 7/11 chili nachos is the problem, not someone having the audacity of biking on the mall. Come on $6/gal gasoline. If nothing else, maybe we'll stop being the fattest country on earth.

Biking on the "roads". Sorry. Stupid comments like the first one above make me mad.

Feast your brain on this, Better Ped Than Dead:

Dr. John Bell was killed doing something that more effectivley fights terrorism than anything our troops in Iraq do. Perhaps he deserves a heroes funeral and a flags flown at half mast. The Driver, if culpable, deserves a trip to Gitmo.

Just some more food for thought.

If they feed you fear, pass.

love to see charlottesville-albemarle become the bike culture capital of the usa..what a breath-taking beautiful area to ride a bike. imagine 25,000-50,000 bikes on the area roads every day.
yes! count me in.

There are downsides and potential dangers in doing almost anything, certainly commuting. Driving is expensive, an enormous responsibility, and rarely discussed as "safe" in other contexts. Think about the liability of getting into an accident, say with a cyclist?

I bike to work because it's faster and cheaper than driving+parking. Auto travel has lost the debate without even considering global politics or the environmental impact of a car (of which 50% comes from its manufacture, no matter how efficiently it runs).

And besides, passing cars that are stuck in traffic is just plain fun.

Great discussion! No matter what, don't let anyone change you.

Biking in Charlottesville is relatively safe, at least as safe as living outside of town and commuting. The bottom line is that in the coming years, the auto- based economy is going to come to an end, either gracefully, or not. The bike is not only environmentally beneficial, it re-orients your entire life. You relate to the people and the environment around you in a different way. You become healthier. Your spatial relationship to your world becomes more connected, calmer, more human. The idea that we can stop global warming, address peak oil, or do something about our genocidal foreign policy with efficient cars is wrong. The bike makes a much bigger difference.
You really want to "save the world"? Get rid of your car.

We have had cyclists killed in Tennessee, one with three kids because a woman was tuning her radio and swerved onto the shoulder. That shouldn't stop us from riding Better Ped than Dead--the message is the opposite. Don't ride and talk on the phone; be present. Get out of your car. Vote for mass transit; live near shopping and work.

I just returned from a conference in Philadelphia--strong bike culture there. In a bike shop in the fabric district I saw a t-shirt with "Cars are Coffins" stenciled on it. Even in Knoxville TN we have a new bike store downtown at 204 Magnolia (Tennessee Valley Bicycles) specializing in commuter bikes.

The fitness aspect is really important. I saw a woman get out of a Chevrolet Suburban at my daughter's school recently. Two fat little boys played in the back seat. Turns out she was picking up a 7th or 8th grade boy. At 51, I have more muscle tone in my legs than he does. It's pathetic and scary. Anyone read the stories about the looming diabetes epidemic? We're suffering and dying from preventable diseases. That too is a national security concern.

What we often fail to realize is how successful our founding fathers were in preventing "big government." By ensuring that city politicians are responsible only to Charlvillians, by ensuring that Virginia's house delegation is only responsible to Virginia voters, by ensuring that Uncle Sam cannot demand cities/states/counties do anything (and can only really bribe them) we basically ensure that thinking globally and acting locally can't happen UNLESS, like Williamsburg area, every planner just happens to be a bicyclist.

A serious federal gasoline tax would decrease global warming, decrease the federal trade deficit, decrease congestion, decrease the subsidies paid for transit, increase national health, increase social awareness of the world around us and decrease the need for America's military to go overseas and protect the oil routes...yet it can't happen BECAUSE even George W. Bush -- a bicycling, health-oriented president who understands oil issues, and our addiction to it, better than any previous president -- and Al Gore -- an environmentalist would-be president who when in office urged the release of the Strategic Oil Reserves when gasoline prices spiked at $1.81 a gallon -- must first kowtow to "soccer moms in SUVs" voters who thoughtlessly drive without any awareness.

Our governor -- a bicycling Democrat -- when asked in December why not raise gas taxes rather than try and cram through another boondoggle of a transportation plan said, "Because that's rational, that's why."

Randy, I really appreceiate the excellent article. It's well put together and informative. Hopefully it will help spur action in your region.

I'm thrilled to see that the Hook is paying attention to issues like transportation, oil dependency and the environment. Alt-weeklies -- though a lot less so with the Hook -- seem hesitant to treat serious topics with the sobriety they deserve. Not every article needs a snarky joke, and both of Randy's articles have been informative and provocative.

I hope that this beat continues.

Yes, thanks to the hook for showing that indepth coverage of issues is crucial. Too often, media provide only headlines of the trivial -- auto accidents, individual crime, political attacks -- without any background on the issues involved.

thomas Jefferson, in our city, noted that only through an informed and active populace could democracy survive. Sometimes -- probably most of the time -- an understanding must have historical, enviromental, social, economic and, simply, factual info which illustrates the "why."

Keep covering important stories, Hook!

Actually, Governor Tim Kaine when questioned about raising gasoline taxes to cut driving and produce more funds for transportation improvements said, "That's logical, and therein lies the problem."

I hope articles like this inspire Cville to become a League of American Bicyclists Platimum Cycling Community. Keep it up.

Just a note. In your article you say that Robert Kretsinger just started his seventh decade and then later you said he's 70. If you check the math, turning 70 means you just finished your seventh decade and you're starting your eighth. Keep pedalling, Robert! You're an inspiration!

Way to put the cute girl on the cover to get people Hooked and then only give her one little line in the article!

great comment ped.Wheather gasoline is 50 cent's or 10 dollors a gallon makes no difference. Driving an automobile is a huge responsibility, And all drivers MUST pay total attention at all time.s to whats in front of them.No dam excuses. There will always be irresponsible drivers on the road,Its up to us to be on the lookout for THEM!!!