Tankless site: We Pump It officially for lease

All gas is gone at 2206 Ivy Road.

Last week, the underground storage tanks were pulled from the popular Ivy Road service station, the IDG Citgo, a.k.a. "We Pump It," dashing the last hopes of customers that a white knight might ride in to rescue the station and save them from ever again having to pump their own gas.

It's not to be. The station is available for a $4,500-a-month lease, and its owner, Barbara Talbott, is looking for a long-term tenant, according to Ed Brownfield with the commercial real estate firm of Grubb & Ellis.

"Someone could come in and build their own building," says Brownfield. Which means the current 1,300-square-foot building with its touchless carwash would be a teardown.

The station's last day open was September 30. Its owner, Mansfield Oil in Georgia, decided to close its only retail store, leaving the station's loyal customers even more disoriented than when gas went over $4 a gallon and the attendants had to double the price on the pumps, which were unable to calculate such highs.

Long known for offering gas at prices matching the giant Shell station next door, We Pump It allowed customer to fill-up while tapping their Blackberries or bantering with the staff, who would check the oil and other fluids for no extra charge.

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Look at all those "mobile classroom" permits. They should be summarily denied just as if a private company asked for "mobile structures" in non-industrial areas.

I was in Albemarle High School in the 80's and we had classed in nasty old mobile trailers placed out back in the early 80's that were supposed to be temporary. They are still there to this day.

We are making nice schools look like little Southwood.

We better watch it we are going to attract a giant tornado with all those mobile classrooms. I'm not convinced a tornado has the IQ to differtiate them from a trailer park. We are at risk of a giant tornado outbeak with all those tornado magnets.

And please don't call them "mobile" becuase they just sit there and rot, they don't move anywhere.