UVA Football: 'Unwelcoming,' say these beverage-toting fans

UVA football has become an "unfriendly experience" says alum Scott Medvetz.

Except in the leased luxury suites, where ABC law permits it, alcohol is verboten everywhere inside Scott Stadium. But is UVA enforcing its no-drinking policy fairly during football games at Scott Stadium? Not according to one group of UVA alums who were kicked out of the home game on November 22 after a private security firm suspected one member of their party had alcohol in her drink.

The group–- many of whom are season ticket holders and donors to the Virginia Athletics Foundation–- choose to sit on the hill, the grassy area behind the north endzone, so they can all be together no matter where their seats are.

But sitting on the hill provided more than just a view of the gridiron, says one forty-something member of this group; it also allowed them to see allegedly unequal treatment stadium security affords big-money donors with sideline seats vs. treatment of the proletariat on the hill.

And at last week's game, he alleges, he saw something even more damning: racial profiling.

"It's one thing to put up with a mediocre football program. I'm accustomed to that after 30 years of being a UVA fan," wrote Scott Medvetz in a scathing letter to UVA athletic director Craig Littlepage following the incident. "But to submit to entering a police state to watch a game, to see policies arbitrarily enforced, to witness some classes and some races singled out for special scrutiny, is intolerable."

For at least a decade, UVA has tried various measures to crack down on game-day drinking. In recent years, fans were banned from leaving the stadium at halftime–- although some well-heeled fans have been known to buy an extra ticket to circumvent the policy.

Medvetz, UVA class of 1983, was with his wife and several friends sitting on the hill during UVA's November 22 game against Clemson. Just minutes into the first quarter, Medvetz recalls, a plainclothed security officer approached a woman in Medvetz's group and asked to smell her drink. The problem? Someone, says Medvetz, "had seen her stir her drink with her finger."

The security guard didn't stop there, Medvetz says. He asked the people sitting around that woman–- Medvetz included–- to hand over all beverages for a sniff-test. When Medvetz refused, he says, the security guard radioed for back-up, saying, "We have some people resisting." Medvetz, the woman, and another man–- the sole African American in the group–- were escorted to the top of the Stadium, where the situation got uglier.

While Medvetz and the woman were simply told to leave, their African American friend–- a 1982 UVA grad who says he has attended all but two games in the last 30 years but declined to comment further, citing fear for his own job–- was placed under further questioning.

"They asked him if he had any alcohol, drugs, or weapons," says Medvetz, "then searched him." During the search, officers discovered a "tiny bit of bourbon," says Medvetz, who admits all three had snuck in some type of alcohol.

The three were kicked out of the stadium with a warning, and when word of their experience spread among their friends, so too did outrage, even among those who weren't present that day.

"As of now I will never attend another University sporting event," wrote UVA alum Phil Christopher, class of '85, in a letter to UVA president John Casteen and Athletic Director Craig Littlepage, mentioning the administration's recent sign ban, which has since been lifted, and referring to the incident at the Clemson game as "racial profiling of the most heinous and vile nature."

Christopher announced his intention to cease giving any money to the university and to ask his fellow alumni to do the same.

Dan Schmitt, the president of Richmond-based RMC Events, citing company policy, declined comment; but AD Littlepage defended the security firm in his response to Medvetz's email.

"There is nothing that suggests to me that racial profiling is a part of this incident," wrote Littlepage, noting that "the person that made the observation (on the possession of alcohol) is an African-American." Medvetz, however, says the security guards who conducted the search were all white.

By phone, Littlepage expressed frustration with the accusations that UVA is coddling rich donors. There is additional security focused on the hill, he admits, but not because those seated there give less money.

"That's where we get most of our complaints from," he says. As for the claim of "profiling," Littlepage insists security had witnessed alcohol being poured or mixed.

Medvetz says he doesn't buy that explanation. He says his group was sitting quietly when the security approached them and that no containers of alcohol had been out at any point. And he notes that while additional security might have been expected at the November 22 game–- the day of the so-called Fourth Year Fifth, when UVA fourth years attempt to consume an entire fifth of liquor–- the tenor of security has been heightened at most recent games.

In his final email to Littlepage, Medvetz acknowledges he broke the rules, and agrees that anyone who is "openly flaunting" the rules should have their alcohol confiscated or be ejected. But, he insists, if alcohol rules are to be enforced, they should be enforced equally.

"When the University turns a blind eye to alcohol use in certain areas of the stadium (and even provides alcohol to its most well-heeled patrons in the suites), but encourages such vigorous and aggressive enforcement in others," he wrote to Littlepage, "then something is rotten in the state of Mr. Jefferson's University."


I've had it with the gestapo attitude of these thugs. Who hires them?
This year's gestapo tactics by the various brown-shirted security goons were outrageous. Intimidating students on purpose, swaggering through the crowd with HANDS ON GUNS - not on holster by the way, but on the guns themselves.

Again, who hires these security people - they are the ones who should be called on the carpet and forced to explain themselves. Who is this Dan Schmitt? And what is RMC Events? Why do we have a Richmond company overseeing security at a University event in Charlottesville?

Schmitt is certainly one thing - he sounds like a very plausible defendant.

Someone should sue both the University and RMC Events for this racial profiling incident. Let's see if RMC Events has a history of similar behavior at any other events.

* * * *
Once upon a time, it was fun to attend UVA football games - even when we were terrible.

But during the George Welsh/Dick Schultz resurrection of the football program there came to be some conventional "wisdom" in the seats of power at the University that to be "Big Time" football meant not condoning fun at football games.

That attitude has continued to date. It is just as wrong now as it was then.

We are still not a Big Time football program (nor will we ever be one, most likely).

And it is no longer much fun to attend football games.

I agree with the alum who vowed not to attend any more games until this state of siege ends. I too will stay away.

* * * *


This ugly incident offers the perfect opportunity to put the useless ABC under a microscope.

For those McCainiacs who don't like wasteful government - there has never been a more inane worthless bureacratic group than the ABC Board.

In a time of rising deficits and dawning blue state enlightenment, maybe it's time for the Commonwealth to ask questions like:

* why does ABC law permit the rich to drink in the suites while the poor who are relegated to the dirt are not permitted to?

* what is the logic of the entire "renting space" theory that underlies half of the ABC's ludicrous regulatory mission?

* why is there so little enforcement of the liquor ban in the seats vs on the Hill? Is that an ABC call? If so, that's the potential basis for a claim against the ABC and its agent on duty.

* what is the justification, in 2008, for an agency which contributes absolutely nothing to the common good. 32 states handle alcoholic beverage control laws without the need of a good old boy patronage-soaked beauracracy

* wouldn't the Virginia ABC do well with a little scrutiny of the sort that the West Virginia ABC is getting right now?

* * * * *

And, in the end, the only conclusion you can draw is that Thomas Jefferson would vomit if he saw what Littlepage and Casteen are tolerating at The University.

Unbelievable! A sad state of affairs.

I have three brief comments on this article.

1) Why is it ok to drink in luxury suites but not in the rest of the stadium? Do the wealthy get less drunk and rowdy than the rest of the people? Do the luxury suite folks stay in the suites until they are sober, before driving home or interacting with other people? Something seems extremely unfair and arbitrary here, although I'm sure that the ABC has some (illogical) rationale.

2) If the security guards detained the African-American gentleman after releasing the others, then it certainly sounds to me like a disgusting and completely unacceptable display of bigotry and profiling. His white friends were not questioned about weapons and drugs-why was he? If this is really the way events unfolded, I too will never attend another UVA sporting event.

3) The university should spend as much time and effort finding a decent coach and offensive coordinator for the football team as they do on harassing well behaved, older alumni. Our football team is so bad that I'm surprised these loyal UVA grads were sipping bourbon and not chugging tequila.

I don't see the issue with this incident. The people got caught breaking the rules, they deserved to be kicked out and whatever else they got.
As for the racial profiling part of it, I'm sure it was just another case of a black person crying racism everytime something doesn't go their way.
I'm sure this is just a case of your typical rich, obnoxious, UVA alumni thinking they can do whatever they want without any repercussions. Welcome to the real world.

Everything about UVa football is foul: the team, security at games, the indifference to it all of the Athletic Department and Administration as a whole; however this incident is truly sickening.

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the NCAA prohibits the sale or consumption of alcohol at games, with the exception of private suites. I'm not trying to defend the policy, but if I'm right then it's not the University that is playing favorites but the NCAA as a whole.

But seriously - either ensure that the team is coached by competent, talented coaches (i.e. not the head coach's son), or look the other way when people try to drown their disappointment!

"I’m sure this is just a case of your typical rich, obnoxious, UVA alumni thinking they can do whatever they want without any repercussions. Welcome to the real world" - Scotto

nope, the rich ones sit down in the stands and don't get kicked out of games...

"As for the racial profiling part of it, I’m sure it was just another case of a black person crying racism everytime something doesn’t go their way" - Scotto

With comments like this, I'm sure you are just an ignorant hill-billy that lives in a double-wide and is angry b/c you work at walmart <-- stereotypes are awesome, huh?!?

ML-the NCAA prohibits alcohol at its own events, schools are responsible for their own events on and off campus. Allowing alcohol in suites is all about UVA and how they play favorites with their larger donors.

I am so happy to read this issue is finally getting some coverage because it is much larger than many realize.

I' have been a supporter of UVA football since I was very young and I must admit the change in the atmosphere at a UVA game is very noticeable. Games used to be fun no matter how successful our year had been but this year has shown many signs of UVA beginning to head down a slippery slope. My first disappointment with the atmosphere was when signs were banned from the stadium. My first thought was, "Wow, this is happening at Thomas Jefferson's University...the author of the Declaration of Independence...how ironic." But as the year has progressed, or dare I say regressed, I have seen many alums, fans, and local citizens being harassed by the "security" at Scott Stadium. As this year has dragged on I have felt more and more that I have to watch my every step, not breath on anyone because I partake in tailgates, and to watch my back because the place may actually be getting more dangerous as the security forces keep signaling this to be the case.

This article has shed some light on this issue, and it has helped confirm what I already suspected....Scott Stadium is becoming a police state on game days. Until I hear that it has improved, I am staying away, and so are my donations.

Class of '93

I'm ashamed at what the U.Va football program has become since Al Groh took over. This is just the icing on the cake. It's all about the dollars. No more pep band. No more fun or creativity, and selective enforcement of the rules. I haven't been a season ticket holder since the 90's because of it. Shame on U.Va Athletic Dept and RMC.
Class of 83

I find it humorous how peoplo who smuggle alcohol into a STUDENT function whine about the consequences of getting caught. Why don't you try setting an example instead of being an obnoxious adult with no respect for the rules. Perhaps if you had been raised to use the system to change the rules instead of just violating the ones you disagree with our young UVA students wouldn't be such babies when things don't go their way. The only thing more embarrassing than this story is the fact that you folks think you are somehow victims.

1)the security guard SAW a woman stirring her drink. (probable cause)
2)the drinks failed the smell test.
3)ejection is the rule
4)security guards have the right for their own protection to ask about weapons.
5) you complainers should be asheamed of yourselves.
6) any UVA students reading this should support the Universities right to make the rules and if you disagree then form a group and lobby for change.
8)Ther only think I can say in defense of those who drank the alcohol is that if you watch UVA football for 30 years staight you NEED a drink.


Stirring a drink with a finger is probable cause? You can't be serious....

The next thing you know people that have to go to the bathroom will be searched and interrogated due to probable cause.

I'd like to get more information on exactly what the witness(es) and/or the security guards actually saw. It sounds like either the witness or the security guards saw more than just the woman stirring her drink with her finger.

If the African-American gentleman was seen pouring, then it would make sense for security to ask him if he had anything on his person since that is S.O.P. before a search takes place (and if they saw him pouring then they probably saw him put the bottle in his pocket so they were certainly going to search him).

Stirring a drink with your finger is somewhat fishy on its own, but in combination with some pouring activity, it's a bit obvious what was going on.

It really sounds like some spoiled rich kids with a sense of entitlement got caught breaking the rules.

On the other hand, security guards aka "rent a cops" are bad news.

Uniformed persons of authority are getting worse with every passing year. The uniform, the badge, the gun, it's all gone to their heads. They feel as if they can do as they please. Every day thousands of improper and illegal searches take place nationwide, many right here in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Thousands of people are illegally detained every day because most people don't have the time, money or desire to contest these wrongful actions.

Until some of you start filing lawsuits in the state and federal courts over all of these wrongful actions, you don't have any right to whine about living in a "police state".

People who go to the bathroom ARE routinely searched at Scott Stadium for fear they will drink in the stalls.

No joke.

Yogi - isn't it time for you to tell the other brown shirts about all the disrespectful behavior on this board?

quote: "1) the security guard SAW a woman stirring her drink. (probable cause)"

Please Yogi, please tell me you're not actually a law enforcement officer of any type in this community. Stirring a beverage with one's finger is NOT probable cause of anything by any stretch of the imagination.

As a woman, I resent the fact that my small purse is searched by attendants as I enter the UVA stadiums. I am embarrassed and insulted as they fumble through my private possessions. They never search my husband's pant pockets. A discriminatory practice, for sure! Something needs to change for the better.

Here's an idea if you want to drink during the game: Carry in the small plastic liquor bottles in the top of your underwear. Wait for a big play. Eyes are on the field... Grab the bottle from the waistband. Cover with your hand and pour into your soft drink. No one will ever catch you if you play it cool. They can't smell every drink and they won't check underpants!

Where is Littlepage on this story? I want to hear some kind of response from the University before the story gets out of control. In my experience, the University is typically too slow to understand how damaging news stories like this can fundamentally damage the U's relationship with many of its constituents (in this case the folks who still like to drink and go to football games - but can't afford to "rent space").

It would be nice to see the University get out front of a story and try to solve the problem quickly - for a change - rather than stonewall, offer excuses, and let the problem fester.

Just trying to keep the conversation interesting.

Nick Carlton

This states so much about our society. When individuals cannot go a few short hours without having a drink that is sad. Truth is you are there to watch a football game, so enjoy the game. I am all for having a good time, and taking a drink every now and then. But if it is aginst the rules to bring alcohol into a game then don't do it. This is the whole problem I have with this, THE GUY BROKE THE RULES! He was in the wrong to start with and now he wanted the University and the NCAA to make allocations for him and when they didn't, he played the race card and started a campaign to get other donors envolved which is sad.

So, Nick, what would you have the University do to "solve the problem"?

A. Vigorously enforce a total alcohol ban in the stadium, actively searching everyone who enters and scanning the stands for any sign of smuggling?

B. Announce that forthwith, there will be no searches of anyone. Anything goes, have at it. Drink to your limit! (The heck with the little kids next to you.)

C. Continue the current policy.


U-Hoo and Yogi and Tiger Fan

The issue is fairness and even-handed enforcement of the rules.

Why is it okay for some to drink and not for others?

Why is that decision based on wealth?

Why is a decision like this up to a patronage-soaked bunch like the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board? What is the legitimate source of their power? Why doesn't someone reexamine the entire absurd set of regulations that the ABC agents enforce. (And for those of you who have dealt with this collection of sub-par government hacks, many of them are worse thugs than the RMC Events employees).

It's not about spoiled alums whining about being able to drink. You just don't get the story at all.

It's about how alcoholic beverage regulations are drawn up and enforced by the ABC Board and the University through its rent-a-cops.

If you can't understand issues of basic fairness, including class and race discrimination, then maybe you should reexamine your own moral code.

Just trying to keep the conversation interesting.


Nick, you still don't answer my question. What should the University do? Allow all drinking, no drinking, or the current state?

Allow all, and you lose families who don't want their kids exposed to the inevitable bad behavior.

Allow none, and absorb another major hit from whining alums and fans who already made a huge stink about the since-rescinded sign ban. No fun allowed! And yeah, let's alienate major donors in a time of economic downturn. That's smart.

Continue the current state, and be accused of selective enforcement.

This is truly a no-win situation.

and they shouldn't respond to anything written in this rag. I read this paper online purely for its entertainment value and that's it. Most of it is just plain funny!

Now, if a REAL media outlet made a stink about this, they might want to respond. But not to the hook, cville weekly or any other "free" paper.

Thank goodness someone prints the real truth behind the stories. If not for the free newspaper, we would only be able to read media coverage steered by politics. UVA policies are being questioned in most forums at this point! Anyone read the recent blogs regarding athletics,NBC Channel 29? Thanks to the HOOK for getting this story out. UVA has gone overboard in searching fans for booze. I say, if folks are rowdy, throw them out. Otherwise, leave people alone and stop sniffing drinks and searching women's purses. UVA is looking like a fool.

U-Hoo, what they should do is leave the policy as is - drinking in the stands is not permitted. What they should change is how the policy is executed. The job of security is to ensure a safe, enjoyable environment. When that line is crossed due to drunken or obnoxious behavior, release the hounds. If someone is blatantly boozing, confiscate it. But leave the people alone who are not interfering with anyone else's safety or enjoyment.

Why don't you people address the real story here... not the loser Security Guards... the ADULTS who simply violate the rules they don't like and the subsequent whining when they get caught.

These people are an embarrassment to UVA and to responsible adults in General.

If you don't like the rules then try and get them changed.

As far as the Race card.. that is such a worn out excuse for bad behavior it isn't even worth an eye roll.


One measure of how lame the "free" media is might be that you spend your time on this website.

How ignorant to think that "free" vs "paid" is any longer a measurement of media quality.

Do you really think the Daily Regress is a better paper than the Hook?

Do you really think the struggling Times-Dispatch is a better paper than say, Slate or Salon?

Join the real world my friend.

Just trying to keep it interesting.


A Fan, You have hit the nail on the head. UVA should channel energies more effectively and equally. And, if they are not willing to fumble through a man's pant pockets, they should not be seaching the wives' small handbags.

It would be in UVA's best interest to respond to the many good points raised in The Hook. Don't they pay a staff of trained PR folks? It seems they just don't care that ticket holders have beefs. A lack of response also paints a picture of weakness on their part.

If seeing someone stir a drink with their finger is not probale cause to investigate then why not? What ither reason would they have for stirring the drink, all of thge other beverages taht might be in the cup are premixed.

I think one of the reasons for the double standard about alcohol is that in the boxes there is accountability. The people in the boxes can lose their priveleges if they get in a drunken brawl and the odds are the only people hurt will be within the box. On the other hand innocent people in the stands could be hurt by some 40 year old former 3rd stringer who is on his 22nd beer and does not like the refs call.

Why should people in the box have to be denied when the risk is signifiantly less of causing a problem?

I still don't see anybody asking these people why they think they are victims when they are the ones that broke the rules.

I don't know man, if it wasn't for drinking I wouldn't go to the UVA games. I drink at every single game I go to. I drink at every football game regardless of where I am! It's like peanut butter and jelly, toast and jam, tea and crumpets, you get the picture. So when alcoholic beverages are prohibited at such an event I do like slick does, I improvise.

So when I read about people like Mr. Medvetz I can only feel bad for the person because if that would of been me, I would of been one dissapointed drunk watching the game from outside with some neighborhood children on their bikes. It's a sad sight. Maybe we should just hire Bud Foster, allow the sales of beer only and still ban liquor, and just get on with our lives?

Ramblin Man, As you brought up the "double standard" issue, seems there certainly is a double standard in a lot of ways here. UVA rummages through a woman's pocket book, but not a guy's trousers with at least 4 big pockets. You and UVA negatively peg the average fan in the stands as one who can't control or monitor his own behavior, thus he is watched more closely. It is ridiculous to claim humans in a box are any more or less likely to cause violence when they drink. The box holders are just the appointed privileged ones, in this case.


Ramblin Man

Thanks for your posts. They are all good questions and it's nice that this story has stirred up some interesting debate, both town/gown and tea-totaller/drinker. While yours is a different point of view from some of us more irresponsible folks on the board, it's a very reasonable one. Besides, it always make me feel hopeful when people of opposing perspectives have an intelligent exchange. We need more of that all over the country, let's face it.

But here's my gripe with your central argument:

you keep invoking the risk of drunken brawling behavior - apparently more likely and less accountable (in your eyes) than the drunken behavior of the wealthier fans (who may well be better behaved when tanked - or they may run off the road on the way home and damage property and/or persons, or they may go home and beat their wives - who can say?)

But isn't criminal law what we use to deal with drunk and disorderly behavior? Couldn't this situation be resolved if we were simply looking for anyone acting in a way that harms or seriously offends those around them? That's what police are for. (Well-trained and screened police that is).

This is precisely why the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board should ultimately be put on trial here. Because in a logically regulated society (that would be about 32 of our 50 states) - police and criminal law handle drunk and disorderly behavior.

It is only because of the backwards ABC regulations that this entire situation arose.

In fact, if I were either Littlepage or RMC Events, I'd start pointing the finger at the ABC rules as the culprit too. That might help the University as well as Dan Schmitt and his folks avoid bearing the lion's share of the blame for this sorry state of affairs.

And maybe we could get some of the powerful brains over at the Law School to weigh in on this? Has ANYONE ever tried to challenge the ABC Board and its regulations?

Talk about a long-overdue revolution.

- Sidd

Sidd, Isn't UVA a state property? Why should the wealthy adults on state property be OKed to have a drink when other law abiding adults in the stands are prohibited from doing so? These people were not causing a problem. Something is so wrong here. You are correct in pointing this out.

Let's set aside the issue of whether someone "broke the rules." Certainly they did but there is no evidence that they were infringing on anyone else's safe enjoyment of the game.

Here's the issue- A lady stirred a drink with her finger and the storm troopers went overboard. Having sat on the hill for 30+ years by choice, I can assure you that the RMC crowd of yellow-jacketed folks absolutely have gotten worse in their overreactions to non-threatening behavior by patrons. At one game earlier this year a young coed was smoking a cigarette, a violation of the rules no doubt. It took a team of 4 RMC staff to close in on her from different directions and confront her with a very "forceful" physical attitude. After 5 minutes, some of us sitting behind this scene yelled for the yellow jackets to sit down and quit blocking our enjoyment of the game. We were then threatened with being kicked out for interfering with them enforcing the rules.

The problem is not someone sneaking an airline bottle into the game and quietly mixing a drink. The problem is part-time security guards with thick necks and small brains wanting to throw their weight around. That is a dangerous situation that absolutely is ruining the game day experience for me. Hell, sometimes it's so bad I can barely hear the Alltel commercials. That is something we know Craig and UVA care the most about!

In the interests of full disclosure, I have not snuck any alcohol into a game in 15 years or more.

It would be great if all of you comment on this locality's current 50-year water supply proposal. http://www.readthehook.com/blog/index.php/2008/11/30/water-panic-in-gian...

UVA's obsession with well-heeled donors is at the root of many of these problems. Everything at the University revolves around extracting money from alumni, who receive ungodly perks and preferential treatment for their largesse.

The Darden School probably produces more millionaires than any other graduate program at the university. It is also perhaps no coincidence that the school produces a disproportional number of jackasses every graduation. But they give a lot of money and get to behave like rotten children.

Darden is reportedly instituting a new policy, to wit:
if your parents were married at the time of your birth, you will not be granted admission. And as it turns out, this does not impact the desired demographic in the slightest.

The University has a policy just like a movie theater or a concert hall. They reserve the right to evaluate and search anyone at anytime. That includes smelling a drink. They can smell every single drink if they want and there is nothing you can do because you agreed to the rules when you bought the ticket. If they want to they can search pockets and I am sure if they saw a bulge that looked like a flask they would make an inquiry... whether it was a man or a woman. I also think if a drag queen rolled in with a purse they would search it regardless of the fact that he probably has a penis.

The argument about people using the box being the "chosen" ones does not wash. These people can afford luxury boxes.. so what...drive a hundai and you can own one too. Why are people so resentful of those who have some wealth? Would you turn it down if your uncle were Bill Gates?

There is a compelling argument to be made about public safety at the stadium. I still contend that people in the box are seperate enough that they do not threaten those outside the boxes during the game(drunks driving is another matter but that is for the ABC board not UVA to change. ) Slightly intoxicated people do not cause problems. A few wasted obnoxious sore loser drunks can ruin it for everybody though and the university needs to protect those of us who don't want to get caught up in a fracas.

As far as the security guards go I don't disagree at all but the way to fix that is with cell phone video and you tube of them doing stupid crap.

quote: "The University has a policy just like a movie theater or a concert hall. They reserve the right to evaluate and search anyone at anytime. That includes smelling a drink. They can smell every single drink if they want and there is nothing you can do because you agreed to the rules when you bought the ticket."

That's not quite what the rules say. The rules mention the right to search upon entry. It does not say they can evaluate and search anyone at any time after entry.

See.... http://www.virginiasports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=17800&ATCLID=11...

Security Rules and Security Checks
The University of Virginia and the Athletic Department, in conjunction with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies reserves the unrestricted right to refuse or terminate admission and/or reentry. It further reserves the right to eject any intoxicated person(s) whose conduct is deemed inappropriate. Patrons must present a valid ticket for entry.

Admission is subject to inspection and search for prohibited items. All persons entering the stadium will be subject to a visual search by stadium personnel before entering the gates. Event staff will also examine the contents of personal handbags. Guests will be asked to open their bags providing event staff the opportunity to observe the contents. If an item needs to be removed so the event staff member can see the remaining items in the bag, the guest will be asked to remove the item. The same procedure will be followed for items in a guest’s pockets. The guest will be asked to remove the item so the staff member can observe the pocket's contents. If a guest is wearing a jacket, he/she will be asked to unzip the jacket and hold it open so that event staff can visually observe inside the jacket.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

Audio recorders
Items that can be thrown such as balls or Frisbees
Strollers (except umbrella strollers)
Video cameras
Bags and backpacks with multiple pockets or zippers**

Artificial noisemakers
Glass bottles
*Bags or backpacks with multiple pockets or zippers are prohibited in Scott Stadium for home football games due to the time required to inspect each area of the bag. Tote bags, purses, and sport bags are permitted as long as they do not contain multiple pockets or zippers. All bags are subject to inspection by stadium personnel.

In order to expedite entrance into the stadium, it is recommended fans not bring bags to games and to arrive early at the stadium’s gates. Gates open two hours prior to kickoff for home football games.

You can drink in the suites for the same reason you can drink in the parking lot. You have leased the space from the University. That is why you can't take drinks out of the suites. You can't bring any alcohol in the suites on game day, you must come on another day and stock your suite.

Suites and park lot space are private (leased) property. Walk out of a suite drunk and you can be arrested.

As a mom of UVA students, I think this "rule" and "enforcement" of it are pretty hypocritical. How about being more diligent about upholding the law when it comes to underage drinking? Sure, I know that's one of the things that makes college so much fun for kids, but what about the parents that worry about getting a call that your kid is in trouble? UVA says it takes care to address this but in 2 1/2 years since my kids started college there, I sure haven't seen much evidence of that.


Ahh Suite Life, you are so not sweet: you recite the "leased space" rule like it makes sense.

Does it really?

What does "leased space" have to do with drinking behavior?

This is one of the ways in which the antiquated, vague ABC rules make no sense and should be challenged by any means necessary.

Call on the court. I think we have a genuine challenge here.

SOLR, it seems to me this sentence spells it out pretty clearly. You cannot "terminate" admission until after they are admitted.

"reserves the unrestricted right to refuse or terminate admission"

Also, suppose someone brandished a gun after admission do they get a pass because they didn't get caught at the door.

Seems like you have some real issues with authority.

Nick you said:

This is one of the ways in which the antiquated, vague ABC rules make no sense and should be challenged by any means necessary.

Blowing up the suites would make it so they no longer got to drink in them.. does that fall under "any means necessary"?

How about people following the rules and lobbying for change until they are. This is hardly "oppression"

Ramblin Man, You go too far here. Nick didn't suggest such a thing! I think you have crossed a line. SHAME!

Nick, laws don't have to make sense. If I rent an house and want to walk around with an open container- that is ok. The law and ABC allow it. If I walk down the street with that drink it is against the law. The suits are leased private property. The are governed by UVa and ABC rules. You can't be a minor and get a drink. You can't drink outside the suite. You are not allowed to take a beverage of any kind from the president's box (No alcohol at all) into the suites and visa versa.

People in the suites pay over $50,000 to have a private leased space to watch a game. That allows them to do things you can't do in an open stadium. The spaces are little different then a motel room (in terms of ABC regulations). The rules aren't vague they are quite clear. Your objection seems borne out of class envy not law or logic.

Yes Ramblin Man, now that you mention it, I most certainly do have real issues with authority. The issues started in 1997 when I sat in a courtroom and personally observed an entire chain of command in a police department commit perjury. At the conclusion of the trial, the judge also stated he had issues with the entire chain of command committing perjury under oath in his courtroom. This was one day when "persons of authority" didn't get by with their abuses of authority, deception and lies. In another case in the same year, another judge called a handful of cops "liars" to their faces while still on record. I have a copy of the transcript laying 2 feet from me on my desk right now.

Ya see, the problem with persons of authority is the fact that most of them seem to misunderstand exactly what limited authority they are given. And when some of them do understand what little authority they are given, they intentionally abuse it. Especially when pertaining to search and seizure.

Suite Life, a lot of kids in this community go to bed every night hungry. And yet, others pay $50,000 to have a private leased space to watch a football game. This world is really screwed up, isn't it?

Gee, I have lived here since 1998. Moved here from Philly. Never went to a UVa game--second rate entertainment for people a) with nothing better to do, or b) who have hired hands to rake their leaves and clean out their gutters. Group A sits on the hill; Group B in the lower seats. When you have a University that hires a coach who anoints his little kid as offensive coordinator, still permits Ralph Sampson's name to even be uttered as being a UVa alum but also submits to a coache's cries for "no more signs," you can count on second-rate entertainment. On the whole, the epic is quite silly: just don't go to the games, don't by the stupid jerseys and bumper stickers, and by your kids Steven Hawking souvenirs. Maybe the kids will then emulate brilliant physicists instead of drop-out athletes.

Sick Of The Local Rambos: "Suite Life, a lot of kids in this community go to bed every night hungry." Is that to say the rest of us should not enjoy our lives because people have children that they can not afford to support? There are also people who do not sleep in a bed at night. Should I give them my house and I sleep in the attic? People can spend their $50,000 on themselves instead of perpetuated a welfare class. That's why they work at gaining some kind of wealth instead of relying on handouts for a lifetime.
@Never Went to a Game, can you try to be more holier than thou snotty?

This would have been a true news item if liquor was not found and/or you could prove that the "victim(s)" were singled out because of their race. Neither is true nor do I believe it.

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

Chville Eye, show a little understanding and compassion, OK? I am talking about honest decent hard working people. People who still can't make ends meet because of the current cost of living. People who have recently lost their jobs, the same people who were barely getting by when they had a steady income. If they had a choice, it's quite possible they might go back in time and not have the son and daughter they are now struggling to feed, clothe, and send to schools of higher learning. And they might think about that new American made car they bought at Jim Price Chevrolet or Battlefield Ford 8 months ago resulting in $300 or $400 a month car payments. I know one of the guys who was just laid off at Luck Stone after years of devoted service. He went from decent hard working middle class to poverty stricken overnight. Think about it. Better yet, let's pray for him and his family.

Sick, we all know instances of which you speak. What do you expect the people who spend $50,000 a year to do about it? Stand down on the Mall and ask people do they need money because they're having a hard time? Americans are the largest contributors to charity, both publicly and privately, in the world and if they wish to spend $50,000 on a dinner napkin that's their business and people's criticism of their behavior will not put one hot dog on a table. Now, those people who were making good money should have3 put some away to carry them through hard times since they have children that are totally dependent upon them. Perhaps they shouldn't have wasted so much money on football tickets, big screen TVs, speed boats, ATVs, etc. when they had some dough.

The UVA football stadium brings money INTO the system to help educate the future rule abusers of america.

"The UVA football stadium brings money INTO the system to help" provide jobs for those who like to sit around in the stadium on game day and get sloshed.

Hey, don't blame the ABC on McCain... his wife owns a beer distributorship!

Alcohol issue aside, UVA has NEVER been friendly to "outsiders" attending a football game. They look down their noses, over their orange-and-blue striped ties and green jackets, in between sips of expensive wine and gulps of baked brie, as they stand next to their luxury-mobiles in the parking lot and say without saying: "You don't have a star on your belly!"

I'm an alum, and I simply don't go to the games anymore. I'm a huge football fan, but the nazi attitudes are too much: demanding extra money "donations" for decent seats, alcohol for some and rent-a-cops for others, tailgate parking for the connected only, and oh yeah, terrible teams! Every piece of mail I get asking for cash goes straight in the round file. If you're not white, rich, and connected, you're no one to John Casteen and Co. F%^ 'em.

Cville Eye et. al....I stand by my comments. Charlottesville is the city without a sense of humor, where the idea of funny is wearing khaki shorts, loafers with no socks, and a blue blazer with a rep stripe tie. What kind of look is that? Oh, and let's not forget the bleach blonde ladies with their hair all looking identical browsing at Daydreams for that perfect sundress for the game. Now look, my lads and lasses, I am no bleeding heart; au contraire (I learned that saying from studying Mr. Jefferson's forays to France; we just LOVE to use his name as well as DMB's name in all conversations we have), I believe in accountability for one's decisions. However, one walk on the campus of UVa (I said CAMPUS, not "grounds." Grounds are what my butler drops in the garbage disposal of my second kitchen!) will show hundreds of little William Kennedy Smiths in-training along with bubbly, wine-spritzer girls on the prowl to land one of them. Remember the lawyered-up dirtbag from Philly who murdered the local volunteer firefighter on 14th Street a few years back? Anyway, you keep looking for that perfect house on Respectable Street, my boy. So, Cville, I am so glad that you, Todd, Bambi, Carter, Biff and the rest of you are enjoying your life; don't you worry a bit about the poor...Barack will solve that! As for me, I am going to get plastered at Foxfield.

"Never Went to a Game" there are hungry children all over this world and Obama has never fed one of them. Come back to reality. People are not going to stop buying their luxuries to feed anybody.

Waaahhhh! I go to UVA or went there in the past! Yes I broke the rule, but I went to UVA! I should be able to do whatever I want! Waaaaahhhhh! This is the reason Charlottesville and especially UVA have such a bad reputation.

Oh, baby, I peer off the lanai of reality and what I see is ugly! But this is a University town that has evolved and can coexist; we will have few cars on our streets, bicycles everywhere, bistros where the masses can congregate to pay homage to Meredith Richards, the ghost of Emily Couric, world music, and DMB. And all the short-haired, smarmy little bow-tie kiddies in their penny loafers will make the world a better place and find new high-tech businesses to launch from Darden. Pope Casteen will look from high on the hill down at Tent City and utter "Let them eat Little Debbie's." Al Groh will get bonus checks for reaching the "IAMS Cycle 4 Pet Supplies Plus Midol Dexatrim Bowl" sponsored by obese dogs suffering from PMS; Dave Leitao will slow dance at Club 216 with a smitten Jay James as they dip to the sounds of George Michael's "Father Figure." Yes, Cville Eyes...I am in reality; for in world of insanity, the sane often appear insane.

Never Went to a Game, you're funny.

Never went to a game. I think most people in this area would agree with how you view UVA.

And most people wouldn't be here...

"And all the short-haired, smarmy little bow-tie kiddies in their penny loafers will make the world a better place and find new high-tech businesses to launch from Darden."

Truth is, about a year ago the Darden Business Incubator had supplied funding and office space to a student for launching a new business -- a payment system for porn and gambling websites. As soon as this was publicized, the so-called Darden lkeadership pulled the plug on the student's affiliation with the business incubator and pressured him to hush when he raised a stink.

This is the craven hypocrisy that passes for leadership at UVA.

Not surprisingly, many of the key positioons at Darden are held by...yes, you guessed it ... Darden graduates. They've been breathing their own fumes fgor so long, they have lost sight of reality.

Which is probably why they are woefully behind on their fundraising efforts.

They are so smug they enjoy the smell of there own farts. LOL!

I hope that someone will put the entire collection of comments here in front of Casteen and Littlepage. This has been a very interesting outpouring of very different views on problems with the stadium and the program.

Of course, then you have various folks up here just doing the basic town vs gown whining which has been going on forever and is so pathetically predictable that we ought to have an auto-delete function on all local blogs. Seriously people, either leave or get over it. So unimaginative and tired.

Nick, I highly suspect Casteen & Associates have Internet access and have already seen the various comments here.

"Of course, then you have various folks up here just doing the basic town vs gown whining which has been going on forever and is so pathetically predictable that we ought to have an auto-delete function on all local blogs. Seriously people, either leave or get over it. So unimaginative and tired."

...Gotta love that "auto-delete all local blogs" comment. Someone must have struck a nerve for little Nicky to advocate censorship. Indeed, the whole point of a blog is to give a voice to people who might otherwise be squelched for having the outright audacity to declare the emperor has no clothes.

There are serious problems at UVA, not least of which is a leadership composed of a committed cadre of whores who would pimp their own grandmothers if a fat donation was pledged by the end of the day.

It is what it is.

Get over yourself.

Town vs. Gown. That's funny. The brats at UVA must think that stuff up in between times where they're complimenting each other on how smart they are. Or when arguing over whos daddy has more money.