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Gingerbread house.
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Wee ones ages 4 and up can create their own holiday house using edible materials at the Virginia Discovery Museum. Is that a  snowman or a marshmallow? You can decide with a glut of yummy goodies. Preregistration required.



I wish you all the best!

It's high time we take our rights back, and if that means suing against false claims that have destroyed our lives then so be it!

I am a Non Custodial Mother who was removed from my children's lives in 2001, I have not had ANY VISITATION- NO CONTACT- NOTHING, they fraudulently had me on the state registry as a drug addict who attempted suicide, then neglected to bring this up during custody hearings, I was called a drug adict and not allowed to take a drug test to prove I was not!

Yes I am also suing child protective services, but what good is it now?

My children have been alienated, by their manipulative father who called in ACS in the first place without cause!


I, too, was falsely accused of taking indecent liberties with a minor child (Augusta County). Fortunately, the case was dismissed when the DA couldn't prove his case. I still haven't had an opportunity to defend myself to the accusers. However, upon appeal DSS did declare that no inappropriate action occured.

I wish you luck in your fight and will be watching closely to see what happens. The falsely accused must continue to fight for justice by filing malicious prosecution charges, by reporting power hungry prosecutors to the state bar, and by demanding our opportunity to tell the truth.

I am an attorney and former judge who presided over neglect/abuse cases for 15 years. I have seen numberous cases involving false allegations as well as substantiated cases. It is a horrific situation in both cases. I do believe that those that work with these cases tend toward a herd mentality and loose all objectivity. The cases become crusades which has a detrimental effect upon those cases which are legitimate. As an attorney, I am handling a case now where my client was charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to 50 years for allegedly touching his 5 year old daughter. The evidence was weak and was produced by an ex-wife who has had her children removed by the State for most of their lives. The molestation allegedly occurred 11 years ago and the daughter is now 16. She is still in the custody of the state due to having been removed from her mother's custody for abuse by mom's boyfriends. The older daughter has already emancipated. Both have told me that the molestation did not happen. My client passed a polygraph and is scheduled for an evaluation by an eminent psychologist to detect any sexual interests in children. Hopefully, I will be able to convince the Courts that he was never guilty of this crime and get him released from prison.

I am in almost exactly the same situation as "John T. Nelson." Molestatation allegations were fabricated by my malicious ex-wife who is psychologically incapable of accepting the fact that our daughter has a father who she loves. To prevent visits and contact she moved our child out of state when she was less than a year old. I continued to visit our daughter about every two weeks, flying in from out of state. My ex-wife then filed a series of charges including domestic violence and stalking over a period of two years. None of these charges were ever substantiated, but my ex-wife used a series of protective orders that were granted between hearings to prevent visitation for up to 5 months at a time. When these false charges did not work my ex-wife made allegations of sexual abuse against me. The CPS investigation required me to suspend my visits for 6 months. I was eventually cleared by CPS but I missed half of my daughter's 4th year of life, and there is no way to get back the time we missed. My ex-wife continued to fabricate allegations and there was a second CPS investigation, a short one mercifully, and I was cleared a second time. Now I am in the proccess of suing for physical custody because of the harm and confusion my ex-wife is causing our child. And as part of the court proceedings an incompetent and unethical social worker has issued a report reccomending I only be allowed supervised visitation with my daughter, despite the fact that the sexual abuse allegations are clearly fabricated. People who facilitate these kinds of actions by malicious ex-spouses under the guise of being a therapist or social worker must be held accountable for the harm they cause and the lives that they adversly impact. There really is no excuse, the consequences of their actions are so great that there must be consequences for unethical or incompetent actions. I will do my best to ensure that no other family has to suffer at the hands of this so-called social worker.

As a survivor of sexual assault as a child I am not surpised by the abundance of responses supporting the accused in this case. The lack of response from victims is also not a surprise. I know there are numerous victims out there that have read this article but, perhaps because of deep-seated fear, shame, and low self esteem they have chosen not to post a comment or response. You see, victims of abuse, especially sexual abuse, have been shamed, humiliated, and deeply wounded by both the molester and those who refuse to believe the victim.

3 months ago I would not have responded to this article for fear of drowning in the pain and shame I had just gotten my head above. I am nearing 40 years old and yet until recently I have worked very hard to deny the pain and ignore the weight of shame heaped upon me by others with regard to abuse I suffered as a child (my abusers were not family members). I now know that, contrary to what I have believed for most of my life, I am not to blame for the abuse I suffered. Maybe someone reading this comment has suffered in silence under the weight of shame others have heaped upon you through sexual abuse and refusal to believe you. Take a deep breath--God believes you. Let your voice be heard.

This is tragic in that again, child victims will be tried and their trauma covered up and lost on the 3 ring circus. Children seldom lie for long and if this many professionals have gotten the same story than that is credible. If an adult is robbed or helpd up at gun point you don't have adults judging them or deciding if they are lying. Why we put children thorough this over and over over is beyound me...

Its no wonder why many child victims don't speak up about what's been happening to them- they are often told that it's their fault, if they tell this person will get in trouble and they don't want that... The more people a child has to tell, the less they feel like these adults believe them and the more traumatized they feel. This is why Children's Advocacy Centers are so important- they help eliminate the trauma of retelling and that child can get help immediately.

Rarely does a young child lie about such an act. If a child has the courage to speak up, they should be listened to and believed!

It's not surprising to me that the media picked up and is running with this story. The only stories that seem to get attention are either sexual assaults by strangers or false reports. It's so hard for people to acknowledge that abusers can be anyone, beloved family members, upstanding prominent community members, etc. If we recognize this reality, then sexual abuse could happen to US and most people don't want to believe it can happen HERE. Children don't lie to get into trouble, and when a child tells about abuse, they know it is going to be a BIG deal, especially if the abusers has threatened to hurt them or otherwise make their life difficult if they DO tell. My understanding is that in most cases of false allegations, the one who is accusing/lying about allegations is an adult, not the child. People need to understand that Social Services is about protecting kids, they are not jumping up and down about accusing offenders or taking kids out of their homes. If they indeed founded this case on a "level one", then they had some pretty serious evidence, not simply just a statement from the child. I realize there are always two sides to a story and the info we have on this case (from the article) is limited. However, I hope that we, as a society, can all start to confront the realities of how child sexual abuse occurs and put more energy towards how we can HELP those children who have suffered the trauma of abuse (and also those adult survivors who were never believed or helped). Beyond that, the discussions that really need to be taking place in the public arena are NOT about false allegations, but about how to PREVENT abuse before it harms a child, which also includes addressing offenders (and not focusing on punishment/incarceration but teaching children empathy, respect for others' bodies, and positive messages about their own and in general sexuality so they are less likely to grow up to be offenders).

I have been wrongly accused of molestation as result of a bitter custody battle with a vengeful and irrational ex. The child is being harmed by the process, but not by her father. A play therapist and a clinical social worker who did not know what they were doing have prolonged the agony for me and my daughter, and have essentially been enlisted as tools in the proccess by my ex. I am not denying that child molestation occurs. It does, far too often, and I personally know several victims and the lasting damage it causes. Victims of molestation should demand a system that catches perpetrators and helps their victims heal. Victims are not helped by incompetent therapists or by malicious parents. Gross miscarriges of justice have occurred where alleged molesters have been railroaded unjustly. The fallout from these cases raises the bar of proof and diverts resources from those who actually need it. People who work in this arena should use be held accountable for their work and are responsible for conducting themselves with care and integrity. There are ways to document abuse that minimize truama to the child, and get reliable results and disclosures. What is at issue here is the competence and intergity of the therapists involved in the proccess. In my case, and probably in the article, therapists did there job incorrrectly and performed a great disservice to me and more importantly my child. I know because the same social worker was involved in my case. People like this must be weeded out of the system for the sake of both children who are molested and for those who are falsely accused. Incompetence benifits no one.

Ralph isnt' a judge. Judges can spell

It's obvious that most of these people commenting don't know any statistical facts.
In cases where a father is accused of sexual abuse near or during a divorce action 77 percent of cases are false. In case where acussations are made against a father outside of divorce proceedings 36 percent of the accusations are proven false. While another 12 percent are exaggerated. This a proven statistical fact that Social Services, the courts, and almost anyone else in government know. Only recently have the courts been even a little more skeptical during divorce proceedings. However, outside divorce proceedings you are required to prove your innocence completely and with much prejudice against you. Even though statistically ove 1 in 3 accused are innocent. In nearly all cases even where you have proven your innocence your children are taken away completely or with very limited contact to "error on the side of caution" many judges are apt ot say.

In my case the prosecutors case fail apart so badly that he had to ask the court to dismiss before I got to even put on my witness on. During Jury solection 19 our of 60 jurors admitted and had to be dismissed to a preconceived prejudice against before they even heard evidence. They had fallen for the lie that a child could or would neve lie about something like this. This is only the 19 jurors that admitted to their prejudice that doesn't include the ones that stayed quiet to get the monster or those whose prejudice is more subtle.
The DA in his desperation to convict even without evidence had to hire a seperate DNA expert after the states own DNA expert was forced to testify that no DNA at all was found which based on my daughter's story would of been impossible. During my daughter's testimony in court while the DA was questioning her she admitted to lieing and being coached by my wife's friend who used to be a social worker. The police detective admitted one instance where he lied (he actually said he was mistaken) and one where he misunderstood. He had no explanation why he did not know about my three other kids living at home or why he never thought to ask or interview them till the day of trial.
So I was found innocence about as completely as you can be yet I only get phone calls and supervised visits twice a year to see my daughter. This with the family judge admitting he has never seen a case where a man has proven his innocence so completely. Yet he has a duty to "error on the side of caution." Justice will never prevail till we eliminate Social Services completely and the preconceived prejudice of our society. We need to take away all TORT protections from social services, prosecutors, Judges, and police. Then maybe justice will prevail.