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Fundraiser for art classes at Nelson County High School. Also featuring The Dotz Brothers and possibly others.


Great idea bringing the old camp back.

First C'ville brings back Virginia National Bank, and gets us all nostalgic. What's next? Carroll's Tea Room and University Cafeteria?

My daughter Elizabeth and her best friend Jessica just completed a week at Camp Wahoo and had the time of their lives. They didn't want to come home. I love the article. We had no idea our kids were in such illustrious company. Not only do they want to go back next year, but the year after and the year after that. Thanks so much for doing such a great job with the article.

Congratulations!!! Just ran across this after doing a quick Google on Dad. Hopefully next year I can send a few new campers.

Any ideas on a camp song???

HOORAY! Wahoo is back! Can i run the Canteen!?

I did a Google search on Jerry West Basketball Camp and found this article. I was fortunate to attend the camp at the Miller School and later at VMI. What great memories! I remember Weenie singing to the campsters over the loudspeaker each morning. Wonderful Wally Walker was a camp counselor. What a neat time! Jerry West loaned me a pair of his sneakers when my Pumas had a blow out.

I was a camper. We drove up from Clemson. My dad, Bobby Roberts, Press and Pete and myself. Great memories. I've seen Coach McCann and Pat Conroy a few times while at Fripp Island,SC. Still have a picture of Dad, Press, Weenie and Bones hanging on my "Wall of Fame" Don't forget Fletcher Arritt at Fork Union.

I attended Camp Wahoo at The Miller School in 1969. I think the part in the article where it says the camp moved on after 1967 is incorrect. I enjoyed my week there, winning the MVP award of Group 2(there were five groups where the oldest and best players were in Group 5.) Probably should have been in Group 3 but I didn't know it at the time.

Received the MVP trophy from Jerry West himself, walking onto the court in bare feet which drew some laughter. This camp was my last hurrah on the hoop court, as I entered high school the next year and guess I was a few inches too short and vertically challenged enough that I couldn't make the team as a 10th grader.

I also bumped into Mr. Corrigan in Greensboro in the early '90s and mentioned my time at Camp Wahoo to him.

Thanks for publishing this article!!!

I did a Google search on Kathy Corrigan en Charlottesville and get here. I´m an old friend from Spain and I´d love to get in touch with her again. I´d apreciate if you could pass my e-mail to her. Thank you very much in advance,Elena González

THANKS for reviving Camp Wahoo! It's still a significant highlight of my high school years back in the late 60's. I was from West Point, attended camp at least three summers and absolutely loved every minute of it. Many fond memories. I settled in Roanoke, but while driving through the area one day, I decided to take a detour to show my son the setting for all my (and a couple of my brothers) stories about the famous and beloved Camp Wahoo. We ought to plan a reunion! Now there's an idea! Just let me know when.

I was a camper at Camp Wahoo in the later 50's when Mssrs. McCann, Corrigan and Miller were there. I remember Gene Arnette being one of the campers as well. Although it has been close to 50 years, I remeber going to the lake, I remember the baseball games and I remember being on that old bus. I also remember taking a trip to a baseball game at Griffith Stadium in Washington. It was a fun experience for me- a "northerner" from the great state of Maryland.

Thanks for all who commented about bringing Wahoo back, we are ready for another summer, first session is June 22-June26 and session 2 is June 29-July3, if any of you wish to visit, stay for a meal, or play a few games, email us, we would like to have you, we are discussing a reunion and would need much help in getting that word out, have a good summer and all the best from Camp Wahoo

Go to website campwahoova for all contact information

I was at Camp Wahoo in the mid 60's.... some of my fondest memories are still " back there" .While at Camp Wahoo , I was first introduced to The White Spot and Gusburgers!

WOW! Great Memories! I attended the last Camp Wahoo at Miller School in about 1973 or 1974 (?) and also continued to attend after moving to VMI until about 1977. Once the camp was moved to VMI, it was named "Jerry West Basketball Camp"

My cousin called me this morning singing "Weenie Millers" wakeup song. Weenie sang the song over the PA system at 6:30 every morning to wake up all campers. We're still trying to figure out all of the lyrics. "Give me a team and a Coach Supreme and give me a basketball too and then you'll WAAA-HOO, WAAA-HOO, WAAA-HOO!

Some of the coaches and counselors names I remember are: Weenie Miller, Gene Corrigan, Sonny Allen, Jerry West, Wally Walker, Ron Carter, Willie Akers, Jeff Lamp, Sonny Smith, etc...

I also went to camp with Gene Corrigan's sons Tim and "Boo"...I'm thinking "Boo" must me Brian? I just new him as "Boo". Jerry West "at the time" youngest son Mark, was also my age and at camp for a few years. Jerry's youngest son now is "Jonnie West" who plays for my beloved WVU Mountaineers. GO MOUNTIES!

Anyway, just a trip down memory lane! Congratulations to all who have been involved in reopening the camp!

Good luck to all!

Mike Cook
formerly from Logan, WV "Home of Willie Akers"
currently New Bern, NC

To Mike Cook,
Sorry it took so long to respond, we do not check these posting regularly but will try to in the future, Thanks for your comments

Lyrics to Camp Wahoo song:
Oh, Give me a team and a coach supreme
And give me a basketball too
And then we'll Wa-Hoo, Wa-Hoo, Wa-Hoo

If you break your back
See Dr. Quack
It's the last thing you'll ever do
And then we'll Wa-Hoo, Wa-Hoo, Wa-Hoo

Oh, give me those wide open spaces
Where I can dribble by the hour
Shoot and fast break everywhere

Oh, you'll see Weenie
up at the Greenie
And you'll see Billy too
And then we'll Wa-Hoo, Wa-Hoo, Wa-Hoo

Weenie Miller
Billy McCann
Gene Corrigan

What a great little wealth of memories. I attended camp wahoo 3 times.. summers of 8, 9, 10th grades. Me and several of my friends from Man, WVA. (in Logan county) went each year. the first year i rode a greyhound bus by myself down to the camp... and got a ride back with another friend.My mom bought me a new pair of Chuck Taylor Converse for the trip!

I remember the camp paperwork with Gene Corrigan's name and picture on it and I remember Wally Walker being one of our counselors.. and of course i remember my idol Jerry West walking out for the first time.

We sat on the court.. and they rolled a ball down as they announced him and he let it roll up his foot and right into his hands and he went up on one leg and swished a nice little push shot. All the kids went crazy.

Many, Many years later (i have lived in Los Angeles for 30 years) i went up to Mr. West at a Laker game and introduce myself and told him about going to his camp as a kid. He was very gracious and very nice and ended up introducing me to Walt Frazier that night who was standing next to him!

I still have my blue Camp Wahoo reversible jersey (gold on one side, blue on the other ) and have a picture of my son wearing it standing in front of our house with a basketball when he was really young. I will always keep that jersey and those incredible memories.

Jim Piccirillo
formerly of Man, WV
currently Los Angeles, CA

i forgot to mention the years for the above post ... i am fairly sure it was summer of 70, 71, & 72.

For years i would dazzle friends with a couple of basketball drills I learned at Wahoo (taking ball through legs, one bounce, around the leg, one bounce, etc..over and over really fast...created great hand and eye coordination) and I can still do this drill at age 53! can't run anymore.. but helluva horse player!

Thanks Camp Wahoo! That camp made us all better ball players.

I put my son in several bball camps through the years but nothing can compare to the experience we had in those years.

I went to Camp Wahoo for a couple of summers. I remember Jerry West teaching using the backboard to bank in jumpers. I also remember Len Chappel being a guest. My counsellor one summer was Doug Bridges from The Citadel, whom Conroy mentioned in his book. I also remember the early am loudspeaker announcements on baseball scores without the teams being mentioned. Art heyman was a counsellor one summer. I rode down an elevator with Coach Corrigan at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill years later ( I think my wife and sons were with me) and I introduced myself to Coach Corrigan and told him I had been one of his campers at Wahoo; he got a laugh out of it and was most gracious.

Jim P. and Jim H, thanks for your memories and updates, this will be the 4th year of the return of Camp Wahoo, sounds like you guys had a great experience and we try to offer the same reputation for good humor and fair play that you guys had some 40 years ago, thanks for writing and checkout website, we are hoping to add a page called in the news, your name may appear as a former camper if that is ok

I may have been one of the worst basketball players at Camp Wahoo in around 1964 or 1965. I remember Art Heyman riding a very small bike down the steps at one of the buildings. I remember both Fred and Will Hetzel being there.

My twin brother (Hugh) and worked at the Bones McKinney/Bill McCann Basketball Camp(s) for several summers in the mid-sixties (64-68). We were players from LaGrange (Ga) College and served as counselors.

My first trip to Camp Wahoo was with Coach Press Maravich and Pete in 1961. I was a rising senior at North Charleston (SC) and Coach Maravich was the Clemson Coach. Pete was a rising freshman in Clemson and we had become friends at his dad's camp near Clemson University.

If anyone has photos of Camp Wahoo days while I was there, please email copies to me.

Dave Corless (