Murder suspect a convicted predator

The man arrested in connection with Sunday's slaying of a 20-year-old woman in Staunton has been identified as 27-year-old convicted child molester John Michael Mason, according to information on the State Police sexual offender registry and the Waynesboro News-Virginian.


First of all the pavilion should have been put somewhere other than downtown, don't get me wrong it's great to have but needs to be somewhere else and made a little diffrent. Look at he Nissian in Nova.The planners of Charlottesville need to think about things a little bit more and start thinking about location and the local peoples views not these people that have moved here from some other state.Because downtown years ago was very nice and you drive down the street and had so many stores and now look it's nothing near to what it was.Back then it was a lot more busier and all.Keep things the way they were and just give them a pick me upper and stop building would be so much nicer and also for events at the pavilion there is no parking.

God, somebody please make sure Maurice Cox can't keep screwing up downtown more that he already has. Blocking that road and selling out to Capshaw was a huge mistake. That Pavilion is god-awful ugly as it is. Tarting it up with the sort of "art" that adorns the City Hall Annex, which is how those public things go, would really make it suck. If the projection option were actually done, then all of us who already have to deal with noise pollution from concerts there would be dealing with light pollution too. Enough's enough already