Progress parent keeps sinking

Just three years ago, Media General was a $69 stock, but after a steady dive, including a 22 percent drop today, the Richmond-based parent company of the Daily Progress trades for just a $1.50 per share, a monumental fall, even in the beleaguered world of daily newspapers.


Amazing commentary from a newspaper that lost a ton of money through its first several years, which is an amazing accomplishment during the exceptionally good economic times around your launch. Is being mean spirited and unnaturally focused on the competition the way to serve the community? Probably not. Running an "alternative" weekly is not running a community newspaper. You don't have to really be the paper of record. You just do what you want -- it's more of a vanity press than a true chronicler of the community. Get over yourself.

Charlie Bob sounds like a Progress sympathizer (employee?) so I wonder if he would comment on how the DP was a "chronicler of the community" or a "paper of record" when the Publisher endorsed Goode, McCain, even *Gilmore* in the recent election. Is this "serv[ing] the community?" Seem way out of touch to me.

Yo bob, how would this be different if the Progress reported the death of C-Ville Weekly. It seems like a very real possiblilty that the Progress's parent could go belly up. That is news.

Really I have no idea why you have a problem this.