15 jobs chopped at Staunton newspaper

As part of an urgent company-wide move which may be the biggest mass lay-off in American newspaper history, Gannett has axed 15 jobs–- including laying off 10 full-time employees–- at its Staunton News-Leader. With Gannett stock falling 76 percent and the Daily Progress' parent falling 93 percent, this has not been a good year for daily newspapers.


Gotta love this coverage from the affected paper:

ââ?¬Å?It’s a byproduct of the downturn in the economy,” said News Leader Publisher Roger Watson, saddled with the grim task Tuesday of informing the 10 employees that their jobs had been cut. ââ?¬Å?We are battening down the hatches and riding this thing out. Unfortunately, it’s something we had to do.”

Now, dig this: "saddled with the grim task..."

Do you suppose if this had been coverage of any other downsizing business that the paper would have permitted the introduction of adjectives such as "grim" into the story? Of course not. This is spin, epitomized.

Papers owned by Ganett, Knight Ridder and especially Media General have long been complacent with 30 percent margins and zero competition. Whaat kind of business model charges money for a product that it essentially distributes for free online?

Rather than adapt and innovate (Craig's List, anyone?) the rich bastards who own these media behemoths would rather bleed off the cash and let the properties wither like worms in the sun.

Sadly, a lot of idealistic employees who would puruse journalism as a noble calling are instead getting hammered by the poor business practices, stupidity and outright greed of their employers. News outlets should have led the way in revolutionizing the online distribution of news and information -- ostensibly what they do best. Instead, like a deer in the headlights, they've been crushed by it.

at least the Staunton paper was a quality product. their departed employees will be missed

the clowns that run the Regress could slash the workforce in half and no one would notice any difference