Books and cheese...and a little wine

New Dominion Bookshop will host a wine and cheese tasting in conjunction with the sale of Chiles T. A. Larson’s history of Barboursville Vineyards, Barboursville Vineyards –Crafting Great Wines Inspired by Spirits of the Past on Saturday, December 13 from 11am to 3pm. Wines from Barboursville Vineyards and cheeses from Caromant Farm will be available for sample tasting and purchase. Unfortunately, the author won't be there for the event, but the book will be on sale. New Dominion Bookshop is at 404 East Market Street on the Downtown Mall. Phone: 434-295-2552. Email:


The city and county are both raping people. They need more money to buy every employee a large gas guzzling take-home Suburban, Tahoe, Explorer or long wheelbase 4x4 pickup truck.

The assessment based property tax system amounts to an annual tax increase of 10-25% or even higher for some home owners. How can a system that has grown to depend on such high annual increases hope to sustain itself? The County needs to set limits on the annual tax increases at a more reasonable, and sustainable, level. The measly reduction in the tax rate that the County passed wasn't a tax cut at all. It only slightly lowered the huge increase in tax income due to the high assessments.