Horrors of war: Jaquith interviews photo-journo Ashley Gilbertson

Local blogger and Virginia Quarterly Review web guy Waldo Jaquith interviews photojournalist Ashley Gilbertson, whose eye-opening recent article in the VQR "The Life and Lonely Death of Noah Pierce" "tells the story of just one veteran, the 23-year-old Pierce, who took a handgun and shot himself in the head on the night of July 25, 2008, tortured by the memories of what he’d seen and what he’d done in his two tours of duty in Iraq."

Indeed, the peice is a wake-up call for anyone who has been lulled to sleep by this drawn out war. Writes Jaquith on the VQR's blog, "I sat down with Ashley a few weeks ago to discuss how he became interested in this topic, why it’s so important, and what it’s been like for him to write about and photograph something so difficult."

Listen to the interview


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Jeremy - what a scathing bit of Christian self-revelation! You've managed (in a very brief outburst of self-righteousness) to show us all just exactly what you have learned from your Jesus... how to be a bigoted hatemonger. Please, by all means stick with your old God. He and you were meant for each other.

Samantha - babycakes, you're a little overwrought it seems. Does Cynthia threaten you? Why's a little cult in the woods got you all tied up in knots? Where is the LOVE?? You tell me. Certainly not in your post anymore than hers...

Say what you will about the National Enquirer, they are almost always right! This article seems totally fair to me. I find The Hook to always be more impartial, more thoroughly researched and more intelligently written than the Daily Progress.

Regina - your opinion about the National Enquirer uniquely qualifies you to rate The Hook. Yah!

MC is small time. You won't see him on Oprah any time in the near future, that's for sure.


i think we should at least try not to judge others-and rather try to respect another's viewpoint though we may not see or understand it

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