County red ink hits $7.2 million

Just five months into its fiscal year, which began July 1, Albemarle County faces a $7.2 million deficit and will raise property taxes to compensate, according to the Daily Progress.


BOO!! they're already high enough. How about putting off that re-bricking of the downtown mall for about 2 years. Or better yet, de-criminalize marijuana in small amounts and save money in legal/court costs.

I really think if the United States as a whole capitalized on the cash crop that is marijuana and embraced it as a staple commodity, it could really help our country out in these trying economic times. Think about it, many jobs would be created, lots of money and time would be saved in the penal system, the amount of alcoholics and alochol related accidents would most likely drop, and not to mention the potential for billions in revenue.

Scott, the brick on the mall are being paid for by the taxpayers in the City of Charlottesville. It has nothing to do with the Albemarle County budget.

The county is in debt because of all the gas guzzling Suburbans, Tahoes, and long wheelbase 4X4 pickups they have been buying every emergency service employee for the last several years. If you doubt this, just ride by any Fire Department in the county. And of course the hundreds of Crown Victorias and 4x4 Ford Explorers they have running around in their police department and Sheriff's Office doesn't help much either. :)

Now, now folks. The deficit comes from lots of places. Yep, the economy is one of them; however, waste is way more of a contributor! These commissioners can spend money faster than Sybil and all her 26 personalities. A couple of places to trim the budget: 1) Fire Lee Catlin. The department heads can provide one page synopses to the media on issues of import. We don't need tax money being spent on someone sitting in WINA studios for an hour telling us about a new park in Crozet; 2) Get the county employees who drive incidentally to use their own cars. We do not need a fleet of city vehicles unless it is for an express department that is constantly on the road(e.g., a utility supervisor); 3) Tell Dennis Rooker to shed that Roy Orbison haircut; not only is he incompetent, he makes Bristles bristle!; 4) Tax Coran Capshaw at the 90% rate, then he can retreat to Switzerland and annoy those neutrals with his media-fueled omnipresence; 5) Place a $25 surcharge on all media people who utter Jefferson's name or Dave Matthews name out of context. This business of self-importance through another's accomplishments is tiresome.
P.S.: I just love that Downtown Pavilion...fits in so well with our Jeffersonian columns and bricks. Thanks to all who contributed to it.

"3) Tell Dennis Rooker to shed that Roy Orbison haircut; not only is he incompetent, he makes Bristles bristle!"

Absolutely hilarious, and so true! At the Clapton show a couple of years ago, he was sitting a couple of rows in front of us and I could tell who it was in the dark. That hair has a rather distinctive silhouette!.

I agree that waste is a huge problem, but don't hold your breath waiting for them to resolve that. The Supes ask the staff for recommendations, and neither the staff nor the Supes ever find anything that's not "essential" to the county's well-being.

Funny, Clapton and Rooker in the same place? Which one REALLY is god?

It would be quite interesting to know how much Albemarle County pays Catlin to be their official mouthpiece. We all know how and why she was originally hired on as the official Police Department spokesperson. I wouldn't be surprised to see her salary around $75,000 to $100,000 a year now. The department heads already on the payroll could make press releases just as easily as she does. It is indeed a waste of money IMHO too.

The Hook should do a freedom of information request on the salary of all city and county employees. The Daily Progress did it many years ago and it was quite interesting at the time.

OK people, lay off Rooker. Those of us with thick healthy hair can't help it. I once had an employer that was so jealous of my hair that I honestly believe he lost sleep over it at night. And the last time I saw him he was totally bald and wearing a baseball cap to keep the shine from blinding people. :)

Sick of the Local Rambos - I know how and why Lee Catlin was originally hired. How do you know?

I read the press release. :)

The county certainly is "top heavy". They are always claiming they are over worked and under paid too. They need the rug pulled out from under them, for sure. A foi in this regard would be interesting. Good idea. No wonder they are running out of funds.
The poor fire fighters and school teachers won't get a raise next year. You can be sure though, the top dogs in the county, including Catlin ain't hurtin. An investigation and makeover is due asap.

I get more information about my community from these comments then the articles most of the time!! I love it!

quote: "I get more information about my community from these comments then the articles most of the time!! I love it!"

And to think this is after half of the most interesting of what is said is actually deleted by the The Hook staff. Just think how much more you could learn if posts weren't deleted. Even though it's public record, you probably missed what I just posted 30 minutes ago.

Hey guys, I didn't know I was onto something. Why was Catlin hired? Anyfing ta do wif enunciation? Please illuminate me.