Settle sign off: Newsplex anchor heads to capital

Jeremy Settle makes his last Charlottesville broadcast.

Newsplex news director/VP Jeremy Settle, who moved to Charlottesville four years ago to work with the upstart WCAV and start news programs on WVAW and WAHU, has moved back to the Washington, DC, area from whence he came.

Thanksgiving Eve was Settle's final night as news anchor on ABC 16, and by this week, he was already on the job with NewChannel 8, a 24-hour cable news station in Washington.

"They contacted me," says Settle. "I had planned to stay in Charlottesville, but they made me an offer I couldn't refuse." An added bonus: he moves from a 183 media market to number 9 and back to his home town. "It was a perfect fit for them and me."

"We'll absolutely miss Jeremy," says Newsplex general manager Brad Ramsey. "He put his heart and soul into this place for four years, getting three stations off the ground."

"I kind of wanted to ratchet it down a little, but that's not going to happen for awhile," says Settle.

Especially not with an inauguration coming in the nation's capital.


Charlottesville is a much smaller community without this bulwark leading the Fifth Estate! I know some kids at WVIR-29 who might want the job: Henry Graff--Senior Reporter (that's Senior as in high school); Sharon Gregory--she will get the ship righted with minimal hiccups; and Dave Cupp might return...I always was a big "Cupp supporter." Oh, and did I mention that killing me softly with two weathermen on the WVIR AM broadcast really makes my morning, as does Crystal "Light" Cameron reminding me every break what day it is (Good Tuesday morning to you.) I do not know how I could get my day started without knowing what day it is! Goodbye Jeremy Settle...Godspeed. May your leads be intriguing, your teasers be teasing, and your inverted pyramid always full of W's and an H!

Honestly I've never watched the news on those other channels. I catch the 29 news in the morning sometimes, Crystal always brightens my day, Norm is tha man. Sharon Gregory has an interesting speaking style on the evening news, but she's good too.

Anybody know what the news ratings are for the Cville stations? I bet 29 beats all the others combined.

Sharon Gregory's "interesting speaking style" = hiccups and poor timing. I'm sorry folks, I think she stinks. Good luck to Jeremy though.

Never went to a game must not work in 19's newsroom...

NBC 29 is my favorite local TV station. I think Sharon Gregory is striking, personable, and very effective. I have watched Jeremy. He is great....Sorry to see him leave...

Maybe now they can get someone to improve their news to compete. Frankly it has not been worth watching or a reason to switch. Not that 29's sensationalism is to be commended.

Good Luck Jeremy! Enjoy!

Gregsy--with the head tilting, gravel-voiced faux intonations and mock righteous indignation at stories she reads--is bad acting personified. Yes, plop, she is in being struck by a cinder block. And did "happy Marty Hudtloff" go to the same dental cap shop as Joe Biden? Good Lord, how someone can have such a grin when talking about sewer residue like Ralph Sampson miffs me. Channel 29 is truly pathetic but also appropriate for the 183rd market (a market that embraces second rate college football). However, one question: How does a tiny market like this rate a tag team weather cast in the morning? I remember David Rogers from Philadelphia...What did he do for Colonel Klink to banish him from a top five market to the Siberian Front (Can anyone say "Cleveland?"). The management of Channel 29 knows what they're doing: they are like the family dog, eating a main course of Cycle 1 dog food whilst scavenging under the table (or other NBC affiliates) for table scraps.

29 is Horrible. They have some reporter who never looks at the camera. Does he have a lazy eye? I like Channel 19. good luck Jeremy.

Who's replacing him?

I'll miss you jeremy! It just won't be the same. If the newsplex gets dave cupp then they'll get the ratings!

Ohhhh, what I really want to know is who that sexy new capitol reporter is?

Dear rj,
They were interviewing and a successor had not been named when I spoke to GM Brad Ramsey last week.
Lisa Provence

This just in...If the NewsPlex wants to compete with WVIR, a crime reporter from a station in Minneapolis named Beth McDonough was fired after her second DUI in two years (and we are not talking low BAC here, either). She is currently in rehab, and was formerly in Philadelphia (same city as David "Mister" Rogers, of TV-29) on KYW-TV.

Her bio reads: "Beth just adores Scrabble, walking her dog, and competing in drinking game marathons. Beth just loves being a part of the Central Virginia community and looks forward to visiting moonshine stills in the hills of Western Albemarle, Green and Nelson County. Beth's favorite charities are the Andy Gibb Fund, the Charlottesville Rich Women with Nothing Better To Do Foundation, and the Kluge Aboriginal Art Museum (the latter, because she loved Crocodile Dundee)."

Also, an anchor named Larry Mendte in Philly recently pled guilty to hacking into another anchor's private emails and then leaking them to Philly newspapers; he is now a convicted felon.

Mother, Mary and Jozef; these anchors sink faster than--well--anchors!

You left out another layer of state government - the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District. The City of Charlottesville just joined this district and has a contested race in this November's general election.