Boston competes with C'ville

... for most surprising traffic ticket. In Charlottesville, the police chief continues to defend ticketing the wheelchair-riding citizen struck in a crosswalk, while Boston tickets a driver rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth.


This is going to cause Sick-o too explode with more "I hate real cops" rants.....

quote: "This is going to cause Sick-o too explode with more ââ?¬Å?I hate real cops” rants”Š.."

Why would it? Nothing that cops do surprises me any longer. Did you see where the Monroe, Ohio police chief recently shot himself in the leg after giving his daughter a gun handling safety course? A real rocket scientist, huh? Did you see the cop just sentenced in Chesapeake for stealing ammunition from his department? Did you see the three Norfolk cops just arrested for procuring false testimony, filing false police reports, obstructing justice, and perjury? How about the Oakland cop who just ran into a family head on while drunk in his patrol car and killed 3 members of the family? I could spew these examples all night long, but I think you get the picture.

A cop citing a husband for speeding his pregnant wife to the hospital didn't even catch my eye with all the other foolishness going on every day in the law enforcement community.

Here's a 4 or 5 page thread about this event. The discussion really seperates the sensible veteran offficers from the Rambo rookies running around out there off their leash.