Missionary imposition: H'burg evangelist allegedly taped EMUers

A Harrisonburg-based missionary named Andrew Max Eggman Jr. allegedly made covert videos of Eastern Mennonite students having sex, according to the Daily News Record.


Somehow the terms "Mennonite students" and "having sex" just don't seem like they belong together in the same sentence.

I am the Eggman...I am the Walrus...Koo-koo-ka-choo. Somehow the terms "missionary" and "sex" do belong together. As a Roman Catholic, I am deeply offended by another denomination inching in on what has traditionally been the arena of expertise for priests and Boy Scout leaders. Eggman's defense attorney--who apparently is not that slick--is already exploiting the media: "My client was doing some freelance research for the Animal Planet Network and thought he was videotaping EMUs."