Migration migrates: "Not a viable business model," say owners

Migration: A Gallery is the latest downtown art store to bite the dust, joining Sage Moon, whose last day selling art is today. After not quite three years in Charlottesville, Migration shuts its doors January 26, but owners Laura and Rob Jones promise to continue dealing art through their website.


that end of the mall really doesn't seem to be doing that well.
What will it take to turn it around?

It's not the end of the mall. It's the type of business. The owners didn't say "East end of the mall not viable", they recognize their model isn't working.

It would be interesting to hear the DBAC weigh in on this. At some point the businesses need to learn to work together to create a better experience for their customers. Stores aren't open late, restaurants aren't open lunch. Let's learn to work together and we all can win.

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