Singletary traded to fourth different team

Sean Singletary was always hard for any opposing defense to pin down when he played at John Paul Jones Arena. Now the former Cavalier and NBA rookie can't seem to pin down a permanent address. Yesterday, the Phoenix Suns traded Singletary to the Charlotte Bobcats, making the Bobcats the fourth different team that's acquired Singletary this year. In June, the Sacramento Kings drafted Singletary in the second round of the NBA Draft, only to trade him to the Houston Rockets in August, who then traded Singletary to the Suns later that month. Singletary had been averaging 2.6 points in 9.4 minutes per game for the Suns.


Unfortunately, it's not looking like Sean is facing a very long NBA career. 4 trades in 7 months isn't a good sign (and neither is fewer than 3 points a game). Not that there's anything to be ashamed of - MOST college players never make it in the NBA. It's just such a different game, and at 5-11 you'd better be the second coming of Calvin Murphy if you want to have a real shot at making it. And there will never be another Calvin Murphy.

It too soon to say it's over for Sean. No it's not a good sign but if his salary and play are right he may be able to eek out a career.

Good Luck Sean, I'm rooting for you!

Sean has yet to be on a team long enough to to learn a system. He hasn't had the chance to build a "on-court" relationship with players yet. Once he is able to stay in one place long enough I have confidence he'll produce decent numbers.

dude's getting passed around like a blunt

Has Pastorfield switched to guitar as the article claims? Back in the day, when Skip Castro performed Monday nights at the Mineshaft, Pastorfield was bassist for the group and a pretty tight one at that.

I had always hoped this band would take flight; they were a helluva lot of fun in those old beer-soaked nightclubs.

Many of us who ponied up our $3 cover charges believe that Skip Castro "jumped the shark" when they got a shot at MTV -- and blew it. Four regional bands were given an opportunity to air a video when MTV was still relatively young. Skip Castro was one of those bands. They chose their signature tune "Boogie at Midnight" for the video, but sadly, the execution of the video itself was bland. The images centered around a sock-hop milieu with kids in period costumes. Looked like an outtake from American Grafitti and, as an artifact of the early 1980s rock-video scene, came off curiously anachronistic.

Anyhoo, Skip Castro's video didn't garner enough MTV votes in the competition so their big shot on a national cable program fizzled as soon as it began.

This in no way should be construed as a detraction against the band itself, which was always a tight unit. The boys had (still have?) solid chops.

CC has it right - that's not a photo of Charlie with Skip. In fact, judging by the forested background, the tent pole, the drum kit, and the fact that he IS the bass player in Skip, if I had to bet I would say that photo is from a Hurricane Party last year where Charlie played with the Casuals. But I could be wrong.