Off to See the Wizard

Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the whole crew journey to meet the Wizard and battle the Wicked Witch in the Jefferson Youth Theater’s performance of The Wizard of Oz. Starring over 40 kids and an adult actress as the Witch, this 90-minute musical is perfect holiday fun for the whole family. Burley Middle School Auditorium. 249-2803.


Lack of comment so far is probably due to a strong urge on the part of many who've seen the mess to use language stronger than darn, to use ethnically or racially disparaging language, or to start comparing Jason Halbert to Hitler.

That's got to be the most f%$#ed up thing I've seen in 20 years of living in Charlottesville. A beautiful area with an important history destroyed so 1 mile of river can be added to the shad habitat?

Well, at least the off leash dogs in the park will have more places to take a dump now with all that extra dry land.

Dem dere new fellas and girlies in town are really a nice little group of do gooders. Hell bent to do some good and no one had the stomich to stand up fer the dam. Done some good they did...gone and tore down our dam so they can feel good for some fishies. Letsee...200 years of history torn up by someone who was bornt somewheres elze and lived here just a moment in the life of the age of the structure we have fished from and swum around. Well u reckon it did prove a point that the city leaders & county leaders had no stomich either, jus let dem do as they wished. Ruint... Jus ruint everything so the fish can swim a feet more feets. What next do gooders... Hey, deres a white topped house on the next hill... Go tear it down. It blocks the view of the area and dose people drive them cars up there from far away and smogs up our place. Clogs our roads too. Go get that one next.

Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell (that's in Virginia, Mr. Clod), and as a boy fished for shad in the river using seines; later, in his garden notebooks, he notes shifts in the seasons by the shad's spawning runs and what price they fetched at market. He later wrote, "I am ready to cut my dam in any place, and at any moment requisite, so as to remove that impediment if it be thought one, and to leave those interested to make the most of the natural circumstances of the place." It would seem that even Thomas Jefferson could understand the benefits of removing dangerous and neglected hazards to public & ecological health.

Thomas Jefferson: Statesman, Diplomat, Do Gooder.

From the previous three comments I see that posts that are signed with the actual name of the author are much more interesting and better written than those that are anonymous or signed with an alias. Thank you for the informative post Mr. Adams.

As a student in Mrs. Fowler's biology class at Albemarle High in 1969 I learned all about ecology. The removal of the dam will bring more than just the shad back to the river. Numerous other species will be affected. Removal also opens up miles of streams and creeks, not just one mile of the Rivanna. Thank you Mr. Halbert, for getting this done. It should have been done long ago.

...and Do Slaver.

TJ was str8 pimpin Sally Hemmings!

Mr. Cox, I hav to dizagree wit u. youR name has bin on lots stuf here in the paper. Never intristin nor formative. Shuld call u Mr. Gray you so bleek.

I know personally the person that operated the trackhoe and took pride in carefully removing each block of history. He was born and raised in Charlottesville and often fished at the Dam as a boy. He sees the numerous benefits of removing part of the dam and is proud that he could play a part in it.

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