Heartbreaking horror: freak accident claims 14-year-old

A teenage girl is dead in a horrific and bizarre parking lot mishap. According to NBC29, a mother pulling into a Hardee's parking lot in Waynesboro fumbled with the vehicle's pedals and accidentally slammed into her daughter's friend, Lindsay Hyson.


I liked your article and your funny sense of humor. I notice you aren't convinced there is "treatment" for pancreatic cancer. I agree...I am watching my 44 yr old baby brother die from this. Why isn't there a good treatment for Pancreatic Cancer? That's my question. Perhaps you could mention to readers that the funding for research for this cancer is close to NOTHING. If more people knew this maybe they would donate their dollars to PanCan. I believe most people already know that Pacreatic Cancer kills just about anyone who gets it, but do they know how little funding there is for research for it? More attention should be given to raise awareness for this nasty nasty cancer. More money needs to be donated to research for this nasty nasty cancer. I'm glad you have educated the readers about this killer, but it would have been even better had you informed them how they can help...by donating to PanCan for starters. I am in no way associated with PanCan, but I AM watching my baby brother slowly lose his battle to this. He's fought long and hard, knowing all along the odds were not good for survival. Like you said, can they really call it "treatment"? It's sad that in this day and age there is a cancer so evil, and there is no research, no treatment, and very little hope for someone diagnosed with it.
Clare Bozell

would you suggest to a person who had pancreatic cancer to even bother with chemo, then? given the fact that chemo has its own side effects also?

I'm dealing with a bit of hypochondria myself right now (I have an enlarged "Virchow's Node", but it might be related to a recent root canal, even though I don't think that makes sense from what I've read online so far)and if it is cancer, my guess would be pancreatic or esophageal (after ten years of vague gastric complaints on and off, that I attributed to bad eating habits.)

I get a CT scan on Sunday, so we shall see, but I'm a) grasping at straws that it could be anything BUT cancer and b) pondering whether and how much I would fight if it *did* turn out to be pancreatic cancer.

Dear Lorraine - I can't give advice since you aren't my patient, but I do support your seeing your physician. It is the best thing. I wish you well

Dear Clare,
Thanks for your kind letter. I don't know why there isn't a cure. Modern medicine can't treat everything and it so sad about your brother. I was contacted by a president of a pancreatic cancer awareness group in California, and she is working to find the cure. You hang in there.

My 87 yr old mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past June. She decided against chemotherapy, radiation and the Whipple operation. So, far she is not in any pain. My family and I have contacted Hospice and have a plan in place. My concern is that she is becoming weaker. Her meals are quite small. I wonder if there is a particular site anyone has used that would give me good dietary advice for her condition. She occasionally throws up her dinner and I know this distresses her no end. She is also suffering from short term memory loss and doesn't even realize that she has cancer! I know you can't diagnose or suggest any treatments, but I would love to know the links to any sites that may help with her food issues. Oh, by the way, she still enjoys her shot of whiskey with gingerale each evening at 5 pm! Thank you for your time and expertise.


My 25-year old son suffered a severe TBI in 1/06. He was in the vehicle for 5 hours before anyone found him. He went head-first into the windshield leaving the impression of his head in the windshield, then was thrown to the floorboard. He was lost 7 pints of blood, his airway was not protected and he developed pneumonia. He wasn't expected to make it to UVA on Pegasus (4 min. ride); his BAC was .38 and his temprature was 105 whn he arrived in the NNICU at UVA. He made nothing short of a miraculous recovery. He went back to work and driving in 3 1/2 mos. from his injury!!

As a result of this injury, I was "tricked" into forming a brain injury support group in April, 2007. My son and I both go to talk to parents and their adult children with brain injuries, fairly often. A second support group, for young adults with brain injuries, will have its first meeting this coming Friday, Oct. 8 at Kluge Children's Rehab Center. I would very much appreciate your getting the word out about these two support groups. The info on both is below:

Charlottesville Brain Injury Support Team
HealthSouth Rehab Hospital
515 Ray C. Hunt Drive
First Floor Conference Room
Charlottesville, VA 22903
3rd Tuesday of Each Month - 6:30-8:00 p.m.
All ages are welcome and anyone who is interested in brain injury as well.
Contact: Carol Ragland Cell: 434-962-3189
Home: 434-969-4597
E-mail: dblmiracle@hotmail.com

C'ville Young Adults Brain Injury Support/Social Team
2270 Ivy Road
Meet in the Gym
Charlottesvile, VA 22903
2nd Friday of Each Month - 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Ages 16-37
Contact: Carol Ragland Cell: 434-962-3189
Home: 434-969-4597
E-mail: dblmiracle@hotmail.com

The purpose of the Young Adults group is to provide support as well as social time. In many cases of brain injury, friends go by the wayside, either due to the fact that those who have brain injuries and not supposed to have alcohol; because of physical limitations, or even because of cognitive issues. There is a need for a place to where they can meet with their peers and be comfortable because they are understood. That is what we will attempt to do at this meeting. The first 1/2 hour will be for support (questions, concerns, etc.). The next 1 1/2 hours will be for social activity. There will be basketball, foosball table, large cabinet of board games,a pool table, and music for dancing if desired.

We definitely owe my son's recovery to God, through many prayers and prayer lists, and the wonderful angels (NNICU doctors and nurses, and chaplain) he put in place for my son's recovery.

I appreciate any help you can offer to get the word out about these two groups!


Carol Ragland, Leader
Charlottesville Brain Injury
Support Team