Kaine chops $23 million from UVA

Governor Tim Kaine's proposed cuts in the face of a nearly $3-billion state budget shortfall slice another $12.4 million from UVA, bringing the total to $23 million less the university can expect for the 2009 fiscal year. Staffing makes up two-thirds of UVA's operating budget. "We don't have layoffs in our plan," said Leonard Sandridge, UVA's chief operating officer in a conference call with reporters. "But we don't know what the next six months will bring."


Ya think, Mr. Sandridge? Especially after the Fourth Quarter returns roll in and the Endowment loses even more cash....Bleak.


State funding accounts for less than 10 percent of UVA's annual budget. Even if we are being extremely generous to the nimrods at UVA and measure only the academic operations of the university, state funding still accounts for less than 14 percent of the total UVA budget.

And the lion's share? Where does that come from? Why, patients at UVA's medical center. That's where. More than 40 percent of all UVA funding comes from people who visit the hospital.


If donors had the slightest clue how much waste and high living goes on at the university, all its "leadership" would squeal like pigs dipped in hot oil when their surf & turf dinners and cocktail parties all dried up -- because there would not be enough foolish people stepping up to pick up the check.

It's especially hilarious to hear all this grand talk of "greening" at UVA. Just drive by the Darden business school any night of the week. The place is lit up and gleaming like the heavenly host is ready to sing the chorale from Handel's Messiah.

Only when someone finally exposes this nonsense for what it truly is, will the honest hardworking alumni finally be able to declare "hallelujah."

Until then, only a chump would open a checkbook for those smug, smarmy bastards.

Darden lit up? They are busy grooming the next generation of techno-whiz kid donors. We need more Halsey Minors in this world!

I love our University and I love Carr's Hill. I love khakis, loafers with no socks, navy blazers, objectifying women, speaking with interjections of "dude" included, rep stripe ties, the Carl Smith Center, DMB, vacuous bleach blonde coeds, the Wahoo Wah song (or whatever the hell it is), marginally literate athletes, invoking Thomas Jefferson's name as a non sequitir, rabid growth, new multi-level parking lots, the so-important chalkboard on the downtown mall and--most of all--I love the Kennedys. You know, they are the only family in America who plays touch football.

By the way, has anyone noticed that Sandridge looks like Ralph Nader?


The world needs more MBAs like the world needs nuclear proliferation, fecal coliform in your iced tea, excessive hubris, insincerity, smarmy smiles and backstabbers, and children who never stop bed wetting, which covers most Darden grads right there.

MBAs are devoid of creativity, innovation and, it often seems, a soul. Their busienss is to discover heretofore hidden ways of squeezing an extra nickle's worth of profit from a turnip. They create nothing. They accomplish practically nothing. They take credit for everything.

This simple verity is inversely proportional to the opinion they
hold of themselves.

They are the festering pus-boil on the ass of the businEss world.

And that's just laughably sad.

While a friend of mine briefly flirted with the idea of pursuing an MBA at Darden, her interest was quickly shot down when they realized her parents were married at the time of her birth and she would therefore be ineligible for consideration.

The bow-ties, back slapping and simpering grins they sport over there didn't suit her too well, either. It takes a "special" kind of alumnus who turns to Darden to get sucked off in exchange for a nice donation.