Ped hit, killed

A woman died after being struck by a vehicle on Seminole Trail near Fashion Square Mall December 25, the Newsplex reports.


here come the comments....

I travel the 29 corrider daily, including this particular stretch. 4 out of those 7 days I see someone cross this highway either between the greenbrier and fashion square traffic lights or between the rio rd and woodbrook traffic lights, mostly in the late afternoon/dusk hours. That being said it does not surprise me one bit that someone was hit while crossing on foot. The fact that this person was killed, and on Christmas of all days, hurts me. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

I can't even imagine what the driver must be thinking right now. I'll have to wait on more info about the accident to comment further on that but from what I'm assuming happened, they probably had little to no time to react.

That being said, I would like to admit that when I was 14-18, my friends and I would frequent the rt 29 sidewalks and cross this hwy on foot each time. We're talking hundreds of times. Never had a close call.
I'm really curious as to how this all went down. Yunz guys over at the Hook should give ol' Dennis Harvey a ring see if he has any new info on this, granted it was the ACPD that responded...

Harvey does commercial truck enforcement now, doesn't he?

This is why Albemarle is so short handed now. They have put so many people in specialized assignments. The state police do commercial truck enforcement, why did the county need a special unit too?

A pity that Albemarle (remember to pronounce that in Virginny for correct effect) can't afford pedestrian overpasses. I've heard dead pedestrians are more affordable.

As Queen would say...another one bites the dust. Or maybe the new 29 slogan, another one bites the rust.

The high number of pedestrians in that non-pedestrian friendly corridor is directly attributable to the high concentration of low income/subsidized rental properties in that area. Poor people have to live somewhere and gentrification in Cville has shifted that population around. It's time to start putting up pedestrian overpasses and also to start handing out/writing jaywalking tickets when someone is crossing the highway but isn't at a traffic signal.

It's so dangerous and difficult to cross 29 that pedestrian overpasses should be considered essential. There should be one near Hydraulic Road and another near Rio Rd. Many pedestrians crossing the highway would go out of their way to use the overpasses because the highway is so dangerous. Not all though.
Tonight someone darted across 250 near Free Bridge. They stopped on the concrete median but I thought they were going to run out in front of me when I couldn't stop in time. I did see them in my rear view mirror and they ran out in front of another car and just about got creamed. It's frustrating and frightening. They could have crossed on the Locust Ave. overpass or they could have gone under Free Bridge on the Rivanna Trail. Instead they darted out into traffic in the dark. Maybe tickets will help but I doubt that it will make much difference to such foolish people.

quote: "Maybe tickets will help but I doubt that it will make much difference to such foolish people."

It's the same foolish people that use city street crosswalks. Especially the one you mentioned who darted out and you felt you could not have stopped in time to avoid creaming them. This is what the female jogger pulled on me in the Market Street event I was speaking of. Had she not stopped at the very last second, I could not have avoided hitting her.

Sick, if that jogger was using a crosswalk, why weren't you slowing down as you drew near the crosswalk? I'm not trying to be contentious, but I thought you said in the other thread that the jogger was in a crosswalk, not just dashing out from nowhere that a reasonable driver would expect a pedestrian to appear from. Maybe since she was jogging she was moving faster than a usual pedestrian, but don't you slow a bit and get more attentive when you draw near a crosswalk? That's different from what Kevin is describing above.

Cecil, there was no need for me to be slowing down, there was nobody anywhere near the crosswalk as I was approaching. But this particular female jogger came down the hill there by the library and suddenly appeared in my peripheral vision when she was 15 feet from entering the crosswalk. Parked vehicles were hiding her from view until she was this 15 feet from the crosswalk. Virginia state law ยง46.2-880 claims it takes me 85 feet to stop from 25 mph. Had the jogger not realized the errors of her ways and stopped herself, there was no way I could have avoided running over her. The state code claims reaction time alone takes me 55 feet before I apply my brakes. Pedestrians and joggers need to realize cars and trucks can not stop on a dime. Especially when the pedestrian is JOGGING into a crosswalk. My reaction time of 55 feet was enough to have killed this jogger.

This actually raises another good question in my mind. Most joggers get right out in the roadway like they own the road, they dare you to either hit them or swerve into the opposing lane to go around them. So why was this girl even on the sidewalk? :)


Derek, you're bad! As soon as I read your post I immediately thought of Albemarle Police cars! You may be onto something here!

Rambo! couldn't agree more with ya! Jeez these police officers!! and its not just here, it's everywhere!! I actually had a friend that was a police officer up north for a little bit and he told me that most of the time these cops where on cell phones with other cops! They used cells so they could discuss things without fear of being heard by other officers or civilians with "squally tuners" as I like to call them.

Oh and OutSkirts guy, very poor taste in humor my friend. A person is dead here and your gonna desecrate this poor victim and Freddy Mercury with a corny pun?! Go pick on O.J. or something

quote: "...he told me that most of the time these cops where on cell phones with other cops! They used cells so they could discuss things without fear of being heard by other officers or civilians..."

Yeah, that's fine until they forget to turn the dashcam off and proceed to have a racially motivated discussion with another person. This cop cooked his own goose. Watch the link below, the video starts after a breif commercial. It's pretty sad, but it proves racism is alive and well in law enforcement.


Yeah, that's actually the specific reason why he and this other officer are no longer officers!! It was more of a sexist conversation though

And here is the link to the news story of his resignation.

In the poll taken, 15% think his racially motivated conversation was his right, freedom of speech. 23% think he should have resigned. And 62% think he should have been subjected to more appropriate punishment than just being allowed to resign.

I feel sorry for the 15% that think there was nothing improper in this cop's conversation. I think it's safe to assume that the 15% are pretty much racists themselves.

It's a sad day in America when these morons are allowed to run up and down the road with the authority to arrest people!

quote: "..It was more of a sexist conversation though..."

I disagree. His claiming he wanted to sexually assault a girl with the barrel of his firearm might be sexist or criminal in nature, but the talk of "strap that monkey into a car seat!" so she can get on her way to buy crack and make more illegitimate babies is racist.

This deputy got what many more out here actually deserve.

I was talking about my friend from up north. I should of been more specific. He wasn't always that dense, believe me! anyway,

But the point is that these people we call cops are exactly that, people. And like you stated a couple of weeks ago, the hiring process for cops nationwide has laxed to uprecedented standards that its no surprise that we got cops raping our women. Look, all i'm sayin is if you have positive leadership along with strict guidelines with diciplinary action to match, you wouldn't have so many corrupt cops today. But now, sheesh we got officers of different departments orchestrating drug deals together!

This abuse of power has been rampant since such power has been assigned so I guess the only explination for it all is that's just the nature of the beast. Which makes me think, I wonder if the Romans had problems with their pedestrians?

The Romans had long sharp blades attached to the wheels of their chariots. They simply sliced and diced pedestrians who didn't get out of their way! :)