Two more peds hit

According to alerts sent by emergency officials, two pedestrians, both male, have been struck by vehicles in the last 15 minutes. The first man was hit at Barracks Road in front of Richey & Co. The second man was struck on Emmet Street by Raising Cane's Chicken. According to the alerts, both victims were conscious when the emergency calls came in.


I ask the following completely sincerely (how unfortunate that website comments sections are such that it's necessary to specify that): What's the thinking behind posting these notices? I understand that such accidents are newsworthy items but I don't understand the need to post this kind of notice immediately when it lacks much, if any information. I haven't noticed any posting of information about other kinds of traffic accidents in a similar manner.

Sounds like the kind of question you should direct to the Hook's editors, not to the comments section. What you'll get in the comments section is a lot of uninformed and contentious speculation from people who don't work for the Hook. I don't think the comments section is always the best way to get an answer from the Hook itself.

Hey Chris, change the channel if you like the program that's currently playing.

I'm surprised more people aren't hit and killed in this city and county. I was riding with my 16-year-old daughter last night on Hydraulic Road and Rio Road. We had just turned onto Rio Road from Rt 29 North (southbound) when I told my daughter to do the speed limit and watch out for deer and pedestrians. Between the Rock Store and Albemarle High School, guess what we saw? A dead deer on the side of the road. I knew we would. And two little loud exhaust rice burners drag racing in the opposite direction. By the time they were quickly approaching the Rock Store now, a pedestrian wouldn't have stood a chance of survival.

Good point Cecil, I thought that same thing about 6 seconds after I hit the "submit comment" button.

SOTLR: Please note that I didn't claim this kind of post was improper or that it shouldn't be written. (That is, my comment wasn't of the "this isn't news" nature). I only asked a serious question about their reasons for posting this kind of thing. I'm curious about what those reasons are.

Chris, I can only hazard a guess that it's 1) news, and 2) something of a public service (i.e. watch it out there, folks are obviously distracted!)

C-Ville promotes ped elimination. Stop walking.

How about looking both ways before you cross the road?!

Hook, Please keep posting this stuff, as the local people here in Charlottesville like to walk and ride bikes, while the out-of-towners who moved here like to drive like rabbits all over the city and run down the good local people. Time for you yankees to slow down to our pace, you moved for a slower lifestyle so take your foot off the gas pedal already and get that cellphone out of your ear,

There isn't a crosswalk on Rt. 29 for a reason. You can walk accross it, but that doesn't mean it's the smart thing to do.

What I want to know is what about all of the %^#$ stupid people in this town who JOG IN the STREET? Not on the sidewalk, not even in a bike path. ON THE STREET. You know, if you want to have rights as pedestrians, don't jog on the street. Do you know how often I am in town and I will readily put down my window and tell that person, young or old, of any color, to get the $%^$ off the sidewalk because it isn't our fault if we hit you? Seriously folks, including students, need to stop being ignorant/arrogant/mix of the two.

Besides "those people" we also have an issue here of people working out at night or on a cloudy / foggy / rainy day wearing BLACK. Okay, no even a reflective band on an arm or having on reflective strips on their shoes? Come ON people.

Bunny, they not only jog in the street, they dare you to not go around them. God only knows how many times vehicles have to stop daily in this city until the opposing lane is clear and they can go around joggers.

I like to stop in my correct lane of travel and make them jog around me. Try it, it works. :)

You should really consider counseling to help you deal with anger management. Or are you some kind of masochist who actually enjoys getting angry and frustrated? Screaming and cursing at people who run in the street is not going to change their behavior. It's only going to jack up your blood pressure and leave you feeling angry.
Almost all runners in this town run on the sidewalk, that is, when there is a sidewalk available. When there's no sidewalk I run in the street. I guess you've never seen me because I can't recall anyone cursing at me for doing it. A few run in the street even when there is a sidewalk and while I don't and I do think it's uneccessary and dumb, it's still not a big deal. Just take a chill pill, why don't ya?
Kevin Cox

Derek: stereotype much?

I'm from Jersey, my family runs a dumpster business here, and the trucks really do lose a lot of time due to slow drivers.

We yankess don't "drive like rabbits" but wasn't the car invented to get around quicker? I think some of the slow text messaging drivers are the worst.

Derek, don't encourage these people to go slower than they already do. Jeez, I have enough trouble as it is getting to work on time without some ehshole holding up traffic because they wanna go 30 in a 45. I mean c'mon, I realize it might be your day off or what not but please be conderate of other drivers on the road here. Pull over and let the whole like of traffic go past yous while you take your scenic drive!

Now as for the pedestrians in this town, learn to master the art of common sense and LOOK before you leap. I swear people are doing it just for the insurance money nowadays. I walk around this town a lot and I've never even had a problem! I'm a 3rd degree black belt in common sense though.... not too many reach that level sadly