Perriello's victory makes Politico's Top-10 upset list

The leading political site found the victory of Perriello over Republican incumbent Virgil Goode quite list-worthy.


Yeah, I'm very upset!

A minor correction, and I'm sorry that I can't remember the names of the two students. A Darden student in my class did indeed fall off of a balcony at a party that fall. Unfortunately, a fellow Darden student also fell, and she was severely injured and eventually died of her injuries. The young man didn't return to school. I'm embarrassed that 25 years later I can't remember their names. I'm also surprised now to find that the incident and the two students aren't mentioned in my 1984 Darden yearbook (not that I had ever thought of the omission until now). A sad footnote to a sad story.

great story hawes... i can"t believe it's been 25 years.

I am Christopher Meig's Mother. This article means more to me than I can say--it is somehow just comforting to know that horrific night has not been forgotten. It is most gratifying to know Chris is still remembered by his friends. I have been blessed by the relationships several of his high school friends have maintained with me over all these years. They never fail to call on his birthday and on October 8th, the day he died. Christopher had had early acceptance to the School of Architecture and was being rushed by several fraternities. He called me in the afternoon of the accident to discuss the options he thought he might have and told me he was going to a Sigma Chi party that night. He didn't say it was a roll, but he did say he was leaning towards Sigma Chi. He was a wonderful boy, smart, strong and loving, and his loss is not diminished by time.

I am Chris' cousin CLAS'79.I visited the University and got to see Chris in September,just weeks before the accident.I returned the following summer to continue my studies after a long leave of absence.The way I remember hearing it,it was the balconey incident(I heard they were both drunk and he was holding her over the railing by her ankles when she fell)which ended Easters.No one ever mentioned the Sigma Chi Accident.I figuered, maybe because it occurred off grounds.