Remaining Dead coming to JPJ

The surviving members of the Grateful Dead are reuniting for their first tour in nearly five years, and among the concerts is one Wednesday, April 15 right here in Charlottesville.


I think it would be pretty cool to see the dead come to C-ville. i got a friend back in cincinnati jerry love who had plated back up drummer for the dead back in the late 60's early 70's it would be cool if jerry jumped on the tour with these guys

tumbleweed is the name i dont know how that typo happened .i must be suffering from fat finger syndrome today

It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love them and am thrilled. I saw 24 shows between 1986-1994 and have great memories--the music, the atmosphere, seeing old friends. Good times.

I saw Bob Weir and Rat Dog a couple summers ago, and Phil Lesh and Firends last year, both at Gathering of the Viibes (formerly Dead Head Heaven) in Connecticut. Both great shows. Glad to see they are touring together again. Also worth checking out is Dark Star Orchestra, who reproduce/interpret actual set lists from GD concerts.

I don't think it'll be the same as the ol' LSD days...

So what? Let these guys remain dead, fer chrissakes!

There will also be a post Dead Show Party @ the Outback Lodge featuring

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