CCDC: "Energy Matters"

The Charlottesville Community Design Center, in conjunction with its Spark! program, presents "Energy Matters," an exhibition examining practical things Charlottesville residents can do to use energy more efficiently and cut utility costs. 100 5th St. NE. 984-2232.


I still can't believe Justine is gone. I look at my children every day and know how much they miss her. We all miss her. She touched our lives so much. She should still be here! It is still very hard to pass Justine's class at school and not be able to stop and talk with her. It is very hard not to feel anger when I think about that night. I want him to suffer like we all do. Maybe not suffer but to pay for what he took away from her family and all the children that loved her. It is really too bad he doesn't know love! If he knew love he would not have done what he did. He would have found another way to deal with what was going on in his life.

What was going on in his life?

I want a Bracelet(Justice for Justine)!!! Where can i get one?

To the person who would like a Justice for Justine bracelet.
We have been overwhelmed with requests, and are trying to figure out the best way to get them to you. We'll let you know as soon as we figure it out.
Thanks for your support for our daughter.

Hi Steve and Heidi, I am your neighbor from Timber Chase Way. I just heard of the news of your daughter's death and I want to send my heart felt sympathy to you and your family. What a tragedy. I remember meeting Justine at your home and I recall what a beautiful young woman she was. I hope they will find who was responsible so you will feel some closure in this terrible loss of your loving daughter. Sincerely, Sande

I no longer work at Emerald Hill but I taught kindergarten with Justine last year and still think of her everyday. I have the memorial cards that where handed out at her funeral service on my dresser and hope that everyday is the day we will all get the answers we are so in need of. When you find a way to get the braclets to others I would LOVE to have one. I was unable to attend the memorial but have wanted a braclet ever since the day I found out they were being given. Please let me know when you think I would be able to get one. Thank You and don't lose hope!

Send your address to and we will send you one. I think Emerald Hill has some as well.
Thanks for keeping Justine in your heart.
Heidi Swartz

Thanks for answering my message. I tried to send you an email at this address but it was sent back to me as undeliverable. My email address in If you could send me an email with a different address or let me know how else I could reach you that would be great!
Thanks Again

To Melissa and others wanting a bracelet. Please send my your mailing address. My email is I'll get a bracelet out to you right away.

I was intrigued by Justine's story on Primetime and felt compelled to research more on the case. Justine appeared to be a wonderful person whose life was cut short by what appears to be a selfish act. Some things in Eric's story just don't add up and in his face-to-face interview all I could think of is "liar". I hope the truth comes out and he is put to justice.