Sparky's Flaw changes name to 'Parachute,' plays ball drop

At first, we thought Coran Capshaw may want to assemble his legal team. Trolling MySpace this morning, the Hook found a band that looks and sounds just like the Charlottesville band turned major label Capshaw client Sparky's Flaw, only they're called "Parachute." But after further investigation, it would appear that Sparky's Flaw is no more, and that the quintet from Charlottesville are now known by this new moniker. They also had the chance to recruit about a million more fans on New Year's Eve, playing on New Year's Eve just after 6pm in New York's Times Square on the "Nivea Countdown" stage along with platinum-selling rapper Ludacris, country-pop sensation Taylor Swift, and Disney teen idols the Jonas Brothers. How illustrious was the newly named band's company? The acts for which Parachute opened have sold a combined 4.3 million albums in only the last four months.


Ah, a shame. I loved the name "Sparky's Flaw." Is the name "Parachute" or is it "Parachute, VA?" I can't quite tell from the other things I read. I think it's the latter.

Dear Chris,

True, their MySpace page says "Parachute, VA" but I've seen YouTube clips of the Times Square performance in which Will Anderson introduces the band as "Parachute." The swank new logo sort of toys with it, connecting the R and the A in "PARACHUTE" to form a V:

I haven't gotten confirmation from the band's management yet, but I suspect the reason for the VA is the fact that there's already a band called Parachute in New York: So my guess is that for legal purposes, they're Parachute, VA, but ask any of them what the name of the band is, they'll say Parachute.

Thanks for reading.



Sweet. Thanks for the follow-up!

the caption says he's 39, but he's quoted as saying he's 30...which is it?

the 30 year old is the marching band assistant director